Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Certainly one of a kind!

A few days ago I heard about a new Op Shop (Thrift Shop for my Northern Hemisphere readers) in town. Well it was new to me but apparently has been open for a couple of months already. So I called in today to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

It is called One of a Kind and is a very interesting Op Shop and a little different from the others as it hosts workshops and there is a timber workshop at the back of the building where wooden pallets etc. are being repurposed. 

 Nerida very kindly showed me around and Jane Milburn who presented our Slow Clothing workshop earlier in the year would have been thrilled to see that ....

 ...people can bring in their clothes etc. to be repaired or altered by Emma from Hem Hem a couple of days a week. Emma is a local seamstress who loves to upcycle pre-loved items and repairs buttons and holes, rips and tears and you can even take a clothes item in for her to hem. 

 The timber workshop team out the back made this from pallets and if you want them to make something for you just have a chat to them and I am sure they will be able to help.

Your furry pet might need a new kennel perhaps. 

 There is something to please everyone in the shop....

 ...plenty of towels and sheets...

 ...and more boots!

 There are upcoming workshops and I was very interested in what the bike tube weaving would look like....


 ...and here is a photo of what can be done, something I had never seen before. 

Wear and Tear Workshop: (Used with permission)
Wear and Tear Workshop: (used with permission)

Johnny, founder of Free Range, presented an upcycling workshop recently called Wear and Tear.  So if you are interested in any of the workshops do call in or email on

 There are new products like earrings...

Soaps which I think are from Verity Soaps  which look fabulous and much, much more. 

The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and on Sunday from 9am to 1pm when the PCYC markets across the road are on so do call in and have a look around. The address is 176 James Street, Toowoomba and locals would easily find it as it is in the old RACQ building with ample parking around the back. 

Check out their Facebook page as there are lots of interesting links there including what and where to Redcycle as there are many participating supermarkets around Australia.  You don't have to be on Facebook to read the page though. Now I can add One of a Kind to my list of favourite Op Shops.



  1. What a fantastic shop, Chel. I love having a look in op shops to see what I can find. I got quite a few extra warm things for our trip to Melbourne recently from a local op shop. Meg:)

    1. Meg I imagine the Op Shops would be great in Melbourne.

  2. I love Op Shops and this is certainly One of a Kind.I wonder how long it will take for the idea to catch on with other Op shops. I must check it out next time I am in Toowoomba. Pauline

    1. Pauline apparently there are others in NSW and they are hoping to open more in this area. Hope they branch out into Nth Qld too.

  3. I love op shops, and this looks like a unique place. Are you going to take any workshops? Bike tube weaving and toys from jeans sound interesting.
    You always find the coolest places, Chel. :)

  4. Did the cowboy boots go home with Chel ? 'Big grin' That is a great shop and so much more than an op shop. Will have to check it out when I'm there.

    1. Nanette, no I refrained. LOL! I am not a cowboy boot person but I know some people who are. I imagine they would be snapped up quickly. Yes, do check out the shop when you are visiting. Let me know beforehand and I will tell you how to get into the car park.

    2. Thanks Chel, that'll be a help. Disappointed to hear the boots didn't find a home with you 😉

  5. Nil, the bike tube one in particular sounds very interesting. I will have to go back and check out the date for it.


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