Friday, 14 September 2018

Not long to go now...

Our annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers officially starts on the 21st but visitors are already arriving to walk through the beautiful Queens Park as the flowers are blooming and looking their splendid best. The gardeners are putting the final touches to the gardens so that everything is looking spic and span next week.

 In the photo above the gardener was adding pretend cobwebs to the backyard 'dunny' but if he had come here I could have given him the real thing. LOL!


 Of course, my photos never do the gardens justice but the colours are exquisite.

 It was 26C or so today and tomorrow will be 28C with no rain forecast for the next week so the workers will be kept busy keeping the water up to the plants.

 There are lots of poppies, tulips ornamental cabbages, snapdragons and a myriad of other plants and I am sure there is something there to please everyone.

 If you planning on visiting for the Carnival it is a good idea to come at the end of next week before it becomes too busy if you just want to go through the parks. The private gardens which have been entered in the Carnival competition won't be open until Saturday though.

 Alan Singleton, who we bought our Watersaver Garden from a few years ago, now has a unit available for those who are still looking for accommodation during the Carnival. You can check it out if you are interested Toowoombabnb. I would imagine that it would be very difficult to find accommodation in town at this late stage so this might come in handy for someone.

 Must-see parks are Queens Park, Laurel Bank Park and, of course, Picnic Point  where you can even buy the Wattle and Violet Ice Cream which is only available during the Carnival.

 We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful city and have wonderful red soil .

As I write this Hurricane Florence is battering the Carolinas and I pray for protection for those who live there. A friend has a granddaughter in Wilmington and another friend lives in Raleigh so I hope they will come out unscathed.  I believe the power is out in some areas but I am sure that those who live in such areas are probably well prepared with generators and a stockpile of food and water just like our Aussies who live in cyclone prone areas on the coast. Patsy from A Working Pantry is certainly prepared and her family is ready to help others in the area as well. It pays to be prepared.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful Chel. So colorful.

    I hope your renovations are going well.

  2. Nil, the restumping is done but the min renovations won't start till te end of October now instead of the beginning of September. We work on tradie time :-)

  3. What glorious photos Chel! I've had the pleasure of visiting the Carnival of Flowers a few times. Absolutely stunning. Mimi xxx


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