Monday, 30 September 2019

September musings

Well, it is the almost the end of  September and already we are having summer temperatures. Apparently our city was 'drenched' during a storm at the weekend according to the news. However  we didn't see much rain here on the northern side but I do hope some of our farmers got some good falls and had no hail damage. The Carnival of Flowers has finished for another year and I have just found out how to get some photos of the gardens off my camera onto the PC. It never used to be such a problem with Windows 7. LOL!

This is a photo of 'Peace' which I bought a few months ago. I was thrilled to see that it was such a large rose and so very pretty. Now I just hope I can keep it alive.

The back verandah has just been painted and the floor coverings have been done. What a job the poor tradie had laying that flooring as the old wooden planks below are very uneven but he did a very good job. The rooms are being done very slowly as the CEO has a problem with the smell of the paint and every window in the house needs to be open to get rid of some of the smell but it is now warm enough for that to happen unlike down in Victoria where some people are still having to heat their homes.

We visited a very quirky garden last week which was so very interesting. 

The owner is quite a character and his garden provided a lot of laughs especially this 'outdoor bedroom' complete with chamber pot beside the bed. I remember my parents had one of them under their bed when I was growing up as I was too scared to go outside to the toilet in the dark. Ha ha!

This insect hotel was very huge and  unique... was this waterfall coming down from the roof. 

The signs around the garden were hilarious. Apparently the garden was lit up at night and would have been very pretty for those inclined to walk around gardens at night. 

We then moved along to Laurel Bank Park but didn't go up to the viewing platform which was too crowded so I took a photo of the photo which was taken from a cherry picker which really shows off the different gardens which were celebrating 70 years of the Carnival of Flowers.

I came across these beautiful hollyhocks just as we were leaving. 

We then moved on to a couple of private gardens that I always love to walk through and I took a few photos of the mosiac work just in case I get the urge to use up some more of the leftover tiles from the renovations. 

The ladybirds turned out a bit better than my effort. LOL! 

So many of our Carnival gardens are so very different that it is a good time to visit and pick up some good ideas so, if you are planning on visiting SE Queensland this time next year, then book in now if you need accommodation as bookings start very early. It is worth the trip. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I love your rose. I am getting very excited because my bushes are pushing up buds now. There should be lots of blooms in the next couple of weeks.

    We had pots under the beds in my childhood home too. I remember we needed to get a new one when grandma was coming because the big china one had broken in half ... I was terribly embarrassed being with mum at the general store when she asked where the chamber pots were located.

  2. My daughter told me about 'Black Marvel' to put on roses so I am giving that a go this year in the hope of getting more roses.

  3. Amazing to have so many gardens blooming up in Toowoomba when it's so dry, Chel. It must be lovely to see. I like that quirky garden you visited...such fun! Meg:)

  4. Meg, I am pretty sure bore water is used in the parks but the private gardeners must have a huge water bill.

  5. Oh, I love that quirky garden, Chel. Thanks for sharing it. I'm presently trying to bring the outside (plants) indoors, and they're bringing the indoors, outside. Very original interior design. Or is it, exterior design? LOL.

    The house is looking very nice too!

  6. Some beautiful photos once again Chel. I always love reading about your jaunts out and about. The quirky bedroom gardening is a delight and those mosaics are stunning. XX


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