Monday, 7 October 2019

Heatwave and the annual Backyard Bird Count

We are in the second month of spring and are having a couple of days of heatwave conditions which, from memory, happened last year as well. Once the front has moved though we should be back to normal weather once again. We do have aircon now if it becomes too unbearable but so far we are coping with just the fans going full pelt.

As there is a hot wind blowing which is supposed to increase tomorrow there is a risk of fires starting once again. Hopefully nobody will be silly and throw a cigarette out of their car but with everything tinder dry it doesn't take much to start a fire. One of my blogger friends recently posted about her recent experience which I am sure you will find quite amazing to read. Thankfully she and her hubby escaped in time. You can find Sherri's account here Out of the Fire.

As I am just about to pack up the computer in readiness for the painters' arrival tomorrow morning I thought I would remind those Aussies who are interested that the Backyard Bird Count is coming up this month from the 21st to 27th October.

I have been doing the count for a few years now and it is a lot of fun and so very interesting to see the different varieties of birds around. Last year I thought the Stormbird wasn't going to turn up but this year he has arrived in plenty of time as his call is very distinctive.

If you have any doubt about the names of the birds you see then there is a Field Guide on the App which is really helpful.

As we have a number of trees in our backyard there are plenty of birds that fly around here eating my strawberries and whatever else they can find but who can begrudge them in these drought conditions.

The rainbow lorikeets will be after the grapes soon but there are dozens of them already in the neighbour's Parrot Tree as it is starting to flower. They do make a racket.

I haven't seen this chappy around for a while so I wonder if he will turn up in time for the count.

Anyway, I hope everyone is keeping well and happy. Now it is time to dismantle this PC and I will have to use my iPad to access the internet for a week or so while the painters do their thing and then the floor coverings will be put down next Monday. Only two bedrooms and a hallway to do after that and I can't wait till it is all finished as I have to go through all the cupboards and remove everything so that the furniture can be moved easily by the tradies. What a job but it serves me right for not doing that regularly :-( That's what happens when you live in a place for over forty accumulate too much 'stuff'.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe!


  1. I hope the paint job goes smoothly, Chel. How exciting to have new colors!

  2. I think these couple of really hot days are a sneak peek of Summer to come, Chel. Very dry here in our area of Brisbane, hoping for some rain later in the week. Hope the painting goes well. Meg

  3. It's lovely you have painters coming in to do the painting Chel, you must be excited though as everything will be freshened up. I have been getting reminders about the great Aussie Bird Count so must sign up again. It's always a fun thing to do. Good luck with the renos.

  4. You have beautiful birds in your area Nanna Chel!

    There was a fire near here last week that was started by a cigarette. People need to be very careful as things are so dry.

    Hope all goes well with the painting and wall coverings.


  5. Such amazing photos. You have an exceptional camera zoom! I especially enjoyed seeing the Tawny Frogmouth family, in the tree. Since all the dams have dried up around here, the only waterbirds I've seen around, are the wooland ducks. The herons have gone, as have the seasonal Pelicans. They're a sight to behold, in a farmers dam, lol.

    I hope the painting goes smoothly for you. I wonder if they'll have any delays with the wet weather, that moved in this afternoon? It's finally arrived, yay! It started raining for us, this evening. :)


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