Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Bunting and Bucket Hats Workshop ~ Simple Living Toowoomba and ReSew2020

Our Simple Living Toowoomba group is starting back up again on the 1st February and once again we are fortunate to have the very talented sisters Valda and Neralie present a sewing workshop called 'Bunting and Bucket Hats'.

If you are able to come along here are the details: 

Bunting and Bucket Hats Workshop
Date:    1 February
Time:    10-12noon
What:   Neralie and Valda will be demonstrating how to make bunting and bucket hats. Please open the PDF below for more details. 
Where:  Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Toowoomba.
Cost:     $5
RSVP:    29 January to simplelivingtoowoomba@gmail.com

I can't work out how to add a PDF to my blog so for more information head over to the workshop information on our group's website. Everyone is welcome to come along. It will be a very popular workshop.

Also Margy from our group has just launched a project called ReSew2020 and she is aiming to bring awareness to the huge amount of textile waste that is dumped in our landfills by upcycling, repairing and refashioning 20 items from discarded, recycled or secondhand fabric clothing and textiles.

Margy's first project of the year ~ PJ Pants

 Follow along or join in on Instagram - @margyheuschele, Facebook - www.facebook.com/simpleslowstill and Simple Slow Still website - http://simpleslowstill.com.au. Also check out Margy's website for upcoming events and I am sure you will find something there that interests you. She does travel locally so if you live in the region and are interested in finding out more about her presentations then send her an email. 

I should get myself organised and join in as well. I will have to get my thinking cap on now that the house is getting back to some kind of normality after the recent renovations etc. It is not quite finished as I have to work out what photos to put on the walls but I am a bit paranoid about putting nails in the walls to hang the frames so that I don't damage the paintwork. 

It has cooled down here and the weather is just lovely this week so I hope those in the firezones are seeing some end to the harsh conditions down south and that we will all get some good rainfall very soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. The workshops sound very interesting.

    I’m glad to hear you have cooler weather now. 😊

  2. I am amazed on what some people are able to achieve with repurposed fabrics. Let's hope the rain arrives.

    1. Still no rain these last couple of days but here's hoping.

  3. 1 down 19 to go....replaced a broken zip on a small backpack which is now usable instead of headed for the bin.

    1. I will have to unearth my sewing machine, Margaret. It must be time to make myself some craft space.

    2. Chel it's amazing what you can achieve if you have your machine set up somewhere and ready to use.


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