Monday 19 April 2021

A batch of goat's milk soap

I haven't made goat's milk soap for quite a while so bought some milk at the supermarket a few weeks ago and then I had to do some research on past blog posts to remember how I made the soap. LOL! I used the room temperature method this time though and wasn't as meticulous as I was in the linked post As it is necessary to keep the milk cool so that it doesn't get too hot when the lye is added I froze it as cubes first.  

It didn't turn out too badly when I took it out of the moulds as I did some experimenting with different amount of the micas I was using and sometimes my experiments turn out to look quite surprising. LOL!

As I was wanting to support Aussie Soap Supplies as they get back on their feet after being wiped out in a fire a few months ago, I bought a sample pack of micas and used Galactic Purple and Candy Pink colours for the soaps. 


The colours vary according to the light I take the photo in but the top photo is more indicative of the colour of the pinkish/apricot soaps. 

Of course I made the soap at the beginning of a rain event so before long the soaps were sweating so I placed a container of DampRid under them for a few days. That did the trick :-)

Castile Bubbles

I wouldn't recommend that a beginner starts off with making goat's milk soap as you need to be careful that the soap doesn't overheat but there are lots of instructions online to help you with that. While I do like this soap I think one of the creamiest soaps that I have made are those using the Castile Bubbles recipe. 

Decorative soap moulds

The only oils used in this soap are olive oil and castor oil. If you like the decorative mould above you can buy it online if you click on the link under the photo. I only fill this mould halfway so that I can cut it in large pieces and then the pretty top can be seen. 

To remind myself in the future here is the recipe I used for the goat's milk soap:

450g Rice Bran Oil
330g Coconut Oil
345g Olive Oil
427g Goats Milk
159g Lye
35g   Fragrance Oil

Interesting things are happening in the garden as you can see in this photo of a flapjack

The weather has really cooled down and the Jonquils are starting to appear so it is time to dig out some winter clothes and hope that some of them fit me as I have put on several kilos in the past twelve months and I can't even blame COVID as, here in Queensland, we have only had the original few weeks of lockdown starting in March last year plus a couple of weeks of mask wearing recently which most of us complained about of course. However, I am sure if we lived in some overseas countries at the moment we certainly wouldn't be complaining about the inconvenience. 

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Chel, those soaps look wonderful.
    Here Spring has really arrived. We are hoping on less infections. Vaccination is very slow in The Netherlands too. We have been in lockdown for several months now, again.... I have some added kilo's too. Enjoy the freedom 😉

    1. It must be so scary living in countries with a high infection rate during the pandemic. We have been protected here in Australia as the borders were closed fairly early once the government realised how infectious the virus was. Stay safe.

  2. Chel your soaps are always so pretty and professional looking, though to be honest I would rather make cheese from goat's milk and eat it, a weakness of mine ha, ha. Talking about kilos..... Enjoy your early Winter, ours comes and goes.

    1. Pauline, our winters aren't as cold as they used to be when I first came here in the early 1970s. Toowoomba used to be known for its cold winters! A carton of goat's milk makes a few batches of soap so I will make more this year. No cheese though.LOL!

  3. Lovelu soaps, Chel. You have some very pretty moulds. MegXx

    1. Thanks Meg. Haven't see you in Blogland for a while 😏

  4. The soap looks silky like milk chocolate. Gorgeous. The moulds also are lovely. You helped me so much with soap making! xxx

  5. They look great, I'm going to make some soap this month, haven't made it in years.


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