Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Turning fabric scraps into a rag rug

 On Saturday our Simple Living Toowoomba group  held another of our popular rag rug workshops. We had our first workshop in 2012. They are always a lot of fun as they are hands-on workshops and it is a good time to have a chat while learning how to make the rugs. 

Judy, who had made many rugs after first learning the method in one of our early workshops, did the presenting and a couple of other ladies who were also skilled in the craft came along to help her. 

They brought along some of their completed rugs which were made from old doona covers, sheets etc. from Op Shops....

...or from fabric left over from other projects. 


When we first started making rag rugs there were hardly any tutorials online at the time but now there are quite a few including this one if you want to take the time to learn. 

I actually prefer to use Tshirt strips and a few years back watched some videos from Renata's Rugs which were helpful.

I have never completed a rug as such as we don't really have anywhere to put one where we wouldn't trip over it so I have just made a few smaller versions that I put a vase of flowers on. 

If you choose your colours wisely you can make some stunning looking rugs. 

At our get-togethers we have a lot of laughs and one of my friends was sitting near Neralie who, with her sister, presents our sewing workshops and she was having a giggle at how neat and tidy Neralie's fabric strips were....

...when compared with hers. LOL! 

In  May we will be combining with Margy's Simple Slow Still for a Zero Waste Workshop presented by
Alice Carwardine. She is a zero waste campaigner who is committed to guiding others on a path to ecological and cultural change and will be giving lots of practical ideas around the six R's of sustainability: refuse, reuse, rot, refill, recycle, reduce. Alice will also suggest ways to go plastic free and issues around fair trade.  

For more information you can check out her website: or visit Margy's blog to read an interview with Alice:

I hope everyone is having a great week and you are all keeping well. 


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    1. Lyn, yes they ceetainly are impressive. I like the bright colours on some of them but I know others like the muted tones.

  2. Chel your get togethers always sound like a lot of fun. I am very careful with rugs in the house as they can be easy to fall over on, however these are much more environmentally friendly than the ones we buy. Love homemade. Great post.


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