Wednesday, 20 April 2022

This and that

 I hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter break. I remember when I was a child that most shops and businesses would be shut for days as it was a very sacred time but times have changed a lot since then. Gone are the days when banks were shut for so long and there was no online banking nor ATMs around which wasn't really a problem as there weren't many places open to spend money anyway. LOL! 

Due to all the rainfall this year the dahlias have been quite stunning and many people who pass by have commented on what a show they make. They are dying off now as it is time for ....

...the chrysanthemums to shine. I just love this pink one....

...but this deep red one just stands out in the garden. It is always hard to take a good photo of red flowers but these are really beautiful. 

The odd day-lily is still flowering but it will be moved soon as I am in the process of finding a new home for the many bulbs that are growing in the wrong spot and are spreading over the pathway. It is probably the wrong time of year to move them as they are about to flower but it can't be helped as I can't work when it is hot...being a senior citizen and all. Ha ha! 

Another batch of soap has been made using Jan Berry's 'Palm-Free Soap:Vegan, No Butters' recipe from her book Simple and Natural Soapmaking. Our son has moved back home so I will be making soap more frequently in the coming months. More experimenting....

I spotted this gourd on a recent visit to Danish Flower Art at Highfields which you really must visit if you are ever out that way. 

We now have five pineapples growing so it just goes to show that it pays to wait as I was so close to throwing out the pineapple tops that we had potted up five or so years ago 

Also, due to all the rain, a volunteer pumpkin vine has sprung up and there are at least five pumpkins on it. Hopefully some will survive in the coming months. 

I hope everyone is keeping well and not too downcast by the depressing news on TV etc. Have a wonderful week!


  1. The dahlias have been wonderful this year because of the rain and relatively mild summer. We also have a crop of jap pumpkins coming on - they are growing huge.

    1. I did comment last night but it didn't publish. Technology 😏

  2. Your garden is beautiful Chel, and I keep meaning to acquire some day lily bulbs. I just adore dahlias but can't grow them here. Must be great to have the space for pumpkins, They look like beauties. The Japanese pumpkins are delicious and last a long time.hope you are well.x

    1. Pauline, I didn't realise Japanese and Kent pumpkins were the same till now.

  3. Still crazy to think it takes 2 years to grow one pineapple that can be eaten in 15 minutes. Nice to have grown them yourself.

    1. Kathy, these pineapples have taken five years or so to produce. Much too long ☹


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