Thursday, 19 May 2022

A week of rain

 Here in SE Queensland we have had a week of constant rain and have really missed seeing the sun but finally it made an appearance a couple of days ago and followed by some warm days before the rain starts up again but this time it won't be as heavy thankfully. I tipped over 10 inches of rain out of the rain gauge during this latest rain event which was nothing compared to what fell in other areas which were badly flooded AGAIN. 

During the dry years which are more common for us, I always said I would never complain about the rain but after a week of it I was just so happy to see the sun once again....

...even though I wondered if the sun would ever break through the fog...but it did eventually. 

Our house has mould growing on it now which is a shame considering it was only painted a couple of years ago but my hubby forgot to tell the painter to add a mould inhibitor when he was painting as that is what he always used to do when he painted the house in the past. However, the many houses that were flooded in other areas have much more damage and sadly some residents were just recovering from the last rain event a couple of months ago when this one hit.

The highway to Brisbane was cut and as a result the trucks bringing supplies to the supermarkets couldn't get through so this was what the veggie section looked like in Coles. The day I took this photo the highway had just opened and a staff member told me the trucks were on the way. It just shows how quickly the stores run out of certain foods. Unfortunately the Lockyer Valley which is often called 'The Salad Bowl of Australia' was flooded once again and many farmers had just planted crops after the soil had dried out from the previous flood so vegetables will be very expensive for some time. 

Now and again if there was a break in the rain I walked around the garden to check the rain gauge and noticed the pineapples are doing okay....

...and this one was ready to pick. 

The bromeliads that were damaged by a severe frost last winter and then a hailstorm have grown new pups which is nice to see. 

As we have had to remain indoors most of the time my hubby has been watching YouTube tutorials on different ways of propagating garlic etc. so the kitchen has turned into a science lab. 

No flowers are growing in the garden at present apart from a couple of bromeliads. Winter is on its way and I think we will all be glad if there are no more weather events for a few months here in Queensland. I look forward to seeing the spring flowers appearing in the garden. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh yes it is hard to complain about the rain after the long drought but there has been so much of it a little complaining seems valid. Nonetheless it has been great for our vege garden. I haven't had to water it for two years in a row. But the endless mowing has been another story.

    1. Yes, the mowing has been done very regularly. Thank goodness we bought a battery operated mower so I can do the mowing when needed. I couldn't get thd big petrol mower to start 🙂

  2. Oh the rain over the past month has been non-stop and this weekend was lovely to see blue skies. My lawn is very long and needs a mow. Covid finally caught up with me last week so have been laying on the couch watching Netflix. So grateful to science that I know I will be alright and very sad that over 6 Million people lost their lives when they caught Covid. The last 3 years have really been like a bad movie but it's been very real. Take care and have a good week.

    1. Kathy, I am not sure what changes blogger has made recently but I'm having a lot of trouble commenting on blogs and even on my own when using my iPad. I seem to be able to comment on my Android phone which is awkward as a screen is so small. I do hope you get better really quickly.


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