Tuesday 9 August 2022

Crafty people

 I find myself surrounded by talented people who are so very generous. Recently I took along my attempts at Japanese Meshwork to our Simple Living Toowoomba group and one of our ladies who presents sewing workshops along with her sister offered to finish the items off as I am quite 'straight line challenged'. 

Well, she did a lovely job and the colours fit in with my white kitchen with green splashback and red accessories. 

I really have trouble with sewing on binding but Neralie is an expert at it and she said she would finish the items off in no time.....

...whereas I would still be procrastinating after putting the meshwork away in a drawer waiting for 'some day' when I would finish it off. LOL!

This was my first successful attempt at weaving the tumbling blocks out of bias binding I had made myself. The binding doesn't need to be cut on the bias for this but it does use up a lot of fabric as quite a bit of binding is required. If you ever try this craft remember that the third part of the weaving is the hardest as it gets hard on your eyes. You will know what I mean if you have a go but it is all worth it in the end. Neralie also tried it out after finishing off my meshwork and, of course, produced lovely items but she used fabric that didn't fit in with her colour theme so gave them away to one of my friends in our simple living group. 

This is the back of the pink and green one.

I also have a friend who is an expert at knitting socks and she never amazes me as she can hold a conversation and not even look at what she is knitting. She is also very generous with sharing her knowledge. 

Then yet another friend painted these lovely birds to go with a birdie plant waterer for my recent birthday. I couldn't even paint a stick figure so I am quite happy to receive such a lovely present. 

Our city's annual Carnival of Flowers will be held from the 1st-30th September so do come along and visit our beautiful gardens if you are visiting our region. My hubby and I checked out the gardens in Queen's Park last Saturday and wondered why some of the gardens were being protected and not others. We asked one of the gardeners and he said there were possums in the tree nearby and they invade this particular garden and not so much the others. 

After some bitterly cold and windy days we are back to normal winter weather with cold mornings and warm, sunny days which I like much more than the rainy weather we had for weeks. Many towns have been flooded a few times so I am sure everyone is enjoying being able to dry everything out. We are forecast to have a wet Spring so I hope that forecast is incorrect.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. My goodness Chel, those little table toppers turned out so cute. I'm also looking forward to Carnival this year. Our firestick plant has been hit by nasty frosts this year and I don't know if it will recover. Time will tell. So looking forward to some warm weather soon. Barb.

    1. Barb our firestick plant is near the house and has survived so far. We have had a few heavy frosts. It has definitely been bitterly cold at times this winter.

  2. It's great to have crafty friends isn't it. I need to pull out my big patch quilt I started 2 years ago. I actually only have half of it to quilt//sew which is basically straight lines. I've taped a few "Back Roads" tv shows so I need to clear the dining table get it out and pop on the TV. I think I will make an effort to do it next week. Have a good week.

    1. Kathy, I have tried to finish off a few UFOs that I was really interested in and the rest I gave away to someone who does craftwork a lot more than I do now. I have lost my craft room since our son came home so I have lost some of my incentive too.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, it seems my friend is competent in many crafts. Unlike myself 😳

  4. My sisters and I are going to head to Toowoomba Flower Show this year. We used to go for the day every year up until 2017 and we haven't been back. If you have any gardens you love to visit would appreciate the names or addresses of them. You can message me on IG messenger if you have FB or comment on my blog. Our routine is we drive up from Brisbane get the map at the tourist bureau and pull up for morning tea at a table around the corner - we bring coffee and cake. Then we see a couple of places then head to a park for lunch and then see a couple more places then end up at Queens Park for coffee at the end of the day.


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