Wednesday, 30 November 2022

The end of another month

 Goodness me, I have become very slack with my blog this year. I think a lot of bloggers are the same for some reason...apart from the very dedicated. I think for many it is easier just to post a few photos on Instagram rather than write up a blog post, resize photos etc. As it is the end of November I thought I would post a few photos I have taken during the month so that I can look back next year and see what had flowered this month as a lot of the plants seem to be flowering a month late this year possibly due to the long and cold winter we have had. 

Firstly....we had a blood moon earlier in the month which looked amazing as usual.

I had foxgloves growing in pots which they didn't like so I planted them in the ground and they looked impressive when they were flowering although some were a tad spindly.

The cactus orchids put on a beautiful show as usual although they don't last long. I took a photo of each colour so I would remember next year which ones we have. Above is what I call apricot and my hubby calls it pink.




...and yellow.

Then the hollyhocks belatedly started to flower and this year we have four different colours. 

This is the latest one to open up.

The red always flowers first.

I am not fond of the light pink ones but seeing as they grow tall they do look nice along the front fence. 

2022 has been a wet year with a number of flooding events in our state of Queensland and winter was cold as I mentioned. It reminded me of what the winters were like when I first moved here in the 1970s. This month we have had a few really hot days which have been hard to get used to after all the cool weather. Yesterday was very hot and today we are back to wearing winter clothes. Nothing like variety. 

The weather bureau is predicting more than the usual number of cyclones so we will see if they are correct and if they are there will be a lot more rain in the state I would imagine. However, as we have seen before, after the floods we go back to drought. That is Australia! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can't believe today is freezing, I've had socks, long sleeves and a scarf on the 1st December and yet we are in Qld. My nephew is holidaying in Tasmania and it's snowing there. Crazy times that's for sure. Have a good week/month and Christmas. Regards Kathy, Brisbane

    1. Kathy it was only 15C here today. Such a shock after 29C days. The weather used to be like this back in the seventies from memory. Happy Christmas to you too 🌲

  2. I think not as many people are reading blogs maybe? I know my readership is way down. It can be discouraging as a writer. People seem to be choosing the easily accessible short form of Instagram, which I like far less than blogs myself as half of IG is advertising these days. Beautiful flowers! xx

    1. Emma, I am on Instagram but rarely post there. I always forget to. LOL! Happy Christmas to you and your family 🌲

  3. Your flowers are wonderful. I am amazed we have had a week or more of no rain and another 10 days before more is expected, that should slow the grass down. I find blogs more interesting than instagram, though after 15 years of blogging I get tired of that sometimes too. Like you, I find my blogs a useful record of the past happenings.

    1. Goodness it is sad when one can't reply to a comment on one's own blog when using an iPad 😠 I have to use my Android phone instead. No rain here either for a week or so as the temps heat up again.


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