Wednesday, 26 June 2013

These boots...grotty joggers...were made for walking!

As the weather is beautiful here at the beach at present I pulled on my grotty joggers and took in a bit of history on our daily walk. (My joggers are grotty as there hasn't been enough fine weather at home to wash them and get them dry).

Caloundra has some great walkways and today we set off from Happy Valley where the boardwalk begins.
Usually we just walk to the popular Kings Beach but today we kept going and passed the swimming pool by the sea...
and continued up the hill to have a look at the Centaur Memorial.
This is a memorial in honour of the members of the Australian Army Nursing Service, the Australian Army Medical Corps and the Merchant Marines who lost their lives when the hospital ship, 'Centaur', was torpedoed by an enemy submarine south-east of Cape Moreton. Only 64 survived out of the 332 who were on the ship.

I also learned that during World War Two there were machine gun posts situated at each end of Kings Beach and an underground tunnel containing gun posts was constructed as well.
As you walk along the pathway and take notice of where you are walking, you can read the many memorial plaques which are placed on each side of the path in memory of service personnel who have served Australia in any field of conflict.
It was very sobering to see these memorials and it is worth having a look at them if you are visiting Caloundra. On the way back to our unit there was some comic relief when we spied a red lounge suite strategically placed near the boat ramp. It certainly looked out of place!
I hope everyone who is on school holidays is enjoying the break and making the most of the fine weather. I will have a week of weeding waiting for me when I get back home. Don't say that too quickly :)




  1. Looks lovely we have not been to Caloundra since M-I-L died. That was our last all-the-family holiday. Enjoy your visit.

    1. Thanks Deb. It is fast coming to an end. We have been fortunate to have had lovely sunny days unlike last year when it rained all week.

  2. You have missed your calling - you should be a tour guide. Enjoy the last couple of days!

  3. Ha ha Yvonne. I was thinking that perhaps I should apply for a job with Queensland Tourism! LOL! Caloundra certainly is a beautiful place to holiday isn't it? It is quite cold at times but not quite as freezing as it is at home.


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