Friday, 28 June 2013

Beautiful one day perfect the next....that's Queensland!

We do live in a beautiful state. Today we had lunch at the Mooloolaba Wharf which is home to Underwater World and Steve Irwin's old boat 'Whale One' which is now used for whale watching cruises.

We have been to Underwater World a number of times so didn't go there today but it is well worth a visit particularly if you have children and you should allow several hours in order to see everything. There are a number of shows on during the day and the seals, etc. are very clever and the trainers explain how they train them during the show.
Amazingly there was also an animal farm which was popular with the children and was something I had never seen before on the wharf.
Mooloolaba Wharf
There are cruises up the canals for those who are interested. If you want to see how the other half live you can view their luxury houses built on the canals as well as the cruisers moored 'out the back' as well. There is also an opportunity to feed the pelicans and to check out the local prawn and tuna fishing fleets. The cruise lasts about an hour or so.

  Multi-million dollar homes
Rain is moving in now and today was overcast but we have been very fortunate to have had such lovely sunny days until now. As I said, we certainly live in a beautiful state and I think most of us take the beauty of our local areas for granted. I know that a lot of locals who live at the beach never actually go to the beach and in our town where we have so many parks with fantastic gardens, I rarely walk through them even though they are resplendent during our annual Carnival of Flowers. I'll have to turn over a new leaf!  How about you?



  1. It is so true that many of us do not appreciate what is right on our back door. Just imagine how much time it would take to vacuum those multi-$million mansions, not to mention cleaning windows!!! Give me something much smaller and easier kept please:)

  2. Shirley, I will never have that problem as you won't pass my house if you take a cruise along the Mooloolaba canals! LOL!

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