Saturday, 29 June 2013

The last walk!

All good things come to an end and after a week at the beach we are heading home again today. Hopefully it won't be too cold when we get back but it looks like we are in for a few drizzly days. We enjoyed our last walk on the boardwalk and saw a pelican on Kings Beach for the first time.

There are some great play areas for children at Kings Beach and it is a very popular area for families. Also I noticed a lot of very fit looking young and not-so-young joggers and cyclists who jog or ride along the boardwalk which connects Happy Valley with Kings Beach. As well there is an Exercise Station where you can exercise ... well sort of (if you don't mind everyone watching). So, what is a not-so-young fit (make that unfit) person to do but to try it out?  


         Kings Beach Exercise Station

Firstly, I tried the parallel bars but I think they may have been Level 3 of fitness so I gave that a miss after a couple of tries when I couldn't get my feet off the ground!
Aha, then I spotted the single calf raise exercise....

...I can do that!

Do have a try at doing the exercises if you visit Kings Beach! It is good for a laugh if nothing else. So that was the end of our daily walks. They were very pleasant and slightly chilly but there was always something interesting to see along the way. Multiple cargo ships and, now and again, a cruise ship can be seen as they leave the Port of Brisbane and turn into the channel just off the coastline at Caloundra. It is quite fascinating to watch them.

I will finish my promotion for Queensland Tourism with a sign we saw outside a shop which had everyone laughing. Be sure to heed it! :-)



  1. Safe trip home, and yes the sign did make me laugh.

  2. Thanks Deb. We had a good trip home and the traffic wasn't heavy at all after we turned off to Beerwah. It was actually warm when we got home thankfully.

  3. Thanks for the nice "holiday" at the beach!
    Cheers, Robyn

    1. You're welcome, Robyn. I hope you enjoyed the intensive workout! LOL!


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