Monday, 8 July 2013

Simple Living Group Swap and Workshops

Next Saturday our Simple Living Toowoomba group's morning tea and swap will be held at the Good Shepherd Lutheran church on the corner of Glenvale Road and Karrool Street in Toowoomba which is about a block from the Clifford Gardens shopping centre. If anyone lives in the region you are most welcome to come along as it is always a good opportunity to discuss gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting and crochet issues or anything else you are interested in as well as just catching up with like-minded people.


Now, if that yummy looking lemon butter has caught your eye I will put the recipe at the end of the post. It was made at one of our morning teas which I wasn't able to attend unfortunately.

There is a  craft, coffee and chat night on the 3rd July ...oops bit late for that one...make it the 7th August from 7.30pm to 9pm and you can bring along any craft you would like to do.  This craft night is held on the first Wednesday of the month. 
On Saturday 20th July there will be a Cooking From Scratch Workshop from 9am to 1pm. Learn how to make soup and freezer fillers such as garlic bread and fried rice. On the 17th August the workshop will be focussing on making Sweet Treats. All ingredients and equipment are supplied. The cost is $10 + $15 for the ingredients. Numbers are limited in order to give everyone the attention required.  Let our co-ordinator, Margy,  know if you are interested in attending evening workshops.  

On Saturday 24th August from 9.30am to 12.00 noon a Natural Pest Control workshop will be held. This will be a hands-on workshop and the topics to be covered are 'The Principles of Organic Growing', 'Healthy Soil' and 'Organic Pest and Disease Control'. Participants will be making sprays etc. and an open discussion will be held on each topic. I am really looking forward to this workshop when Kelly will be demonstrating how to make natural sprays. In March she hosted a very interesting Composting and No-Dig Garden workshop on her property in Murphy's Creek.  

So, if you can, come along and join us for one of our morning teas and swaps or participate in some of the informative workshops.
Now, as promised, here is the recipe for the Lemon Butter in the photo at the top of the post:

9 Eggs
250 gr Butter
750 gr Sugar
1 cup Lemon Juice

(In top of double saucepan)

Melt butter and sugar, add beaten eggs and lemon juice.
Cook approx. 15-20mins, stirring until spread thickens.
Do you have a Simple Living group in your area?

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