Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Promise of Spring

I don't know what the weather is like where you live but here in SE Queensland we have been blessed with lovely Spring-like weather for the last couple of days. I could happily live in an area where the temperature didn't drop below 10C degrees or rise above 25C. However, I am not sure if such a place exists so at the moment am just pleased to be able to walk around the yard in the sun and to enjoy what is growing there.


There are the usual old-faithfuls which come up every year to cheer us up during the dismal foggy days. We don't give them any attention at all and they always look resplendent despite that.


During the drought we let any plants die which required a lot of water and we ended up with some very hardy succulents which also cope well with the frost.

These succulents look spectacular.  
Hubby has a penchant for bromeliads and we have many colourful varieties.
The bird was one of my favourite swap items at our monthly Simple Living group morning tea/swap.
Guess what I will be taking to our next swap!!!

Then there are the plants which are pushing through the ground in their hundreds like the California Poppies....

and Flanders Poppies.....

and carrying with it the promise of Spring there are the first buds on the mulberry tree! I can see some mulberry pies being baked in the not too distant future.
Are you looking forward to Spring like I am? It is my favourite season of the year.






  1. Lovely to see those snowdrops (at least that's what we call them). Our peach/nectarine tree is carrying beautiful big buds which will no doubt burst open whilst we are away.

  2. That's what I call them too, Barb. They are so pretty, aren't they?


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