Friday, 16 August 2013

Do YOU take 10,000 steps each day?

Have you heard about the 10,000 steps challenge? It is all about encouraging people to sit less and move more in order to facilitate better health and well-being. Steps can be counted by strapping a pedometer to the waistband in order to monitor the number of steps that are taken in a day.


I bought a pedometer a few years ago and used it now and again over that time. However, at the beginning of this year I read about the 10,000 step challenge which motivated me and since then I have been wearing it most days to keep an eye on what my level of activity is .... or isn't! :-)  It is a bit battered by now as I have dropped it quite a number of times but it still counts my steps so that is all that matters. It is just a basic pedometer and only counts steps but there are others you can buy that also measure the number of calories burnt, the distance walked and have a clock in them as well like the one below.

The G-Sensor 2026 PedometerSource

Some workplaces have introduced the 10,000 steps challenge to encourage their staff to become more fit and healthy and staff members often form teams. Each member of the team has a personal homepage and they enter their step count onto the 10,000 steps website each day.  As their steps are logged then the teams progress across the virtual challenge map. They reach selected locations along the way and can view photos and facts as they reach each exciting destination.

If you check out the 10,000 steps website you can find heaps of good information in the library section. There are tips on how to increase your activity as well as where to buy a pedometer and there are even some libraries that loan pedometers.

There are also 10,000 steps websites for the USA and the UK.

The most number of steps that I have taken and recorded are 15,524. I hope to reach 20,000 by the end of the year. Is anyone else doing the 10,000 step challenge? It is a good way to get motivated to become more fit and healthy.


  1. Well done! I used to count steps then lost my pedometer. Walking is one of the best exercises out and I'm slowly getting back to it since the stroke. Can't walk far before my foot cramps up, unfortunately. But, I'm getting there!

  2. Yes, it is 'doable' for most people, isn't it? I have a number of aches and pains now when I walk which I guess is a sign of getting older. The path I walk along now is the same path I was able to jog along quite comfortably over 35 years ago.

    Ree, I hope you are able to increase the number of steps you are able to take before your foot cramps up.

  3. I own a couple of pedometers and I know about the 10,000 step challenge, I was going to do it - honest! Now that you reminded me of it I may have to try again. Good for you though, I'm always impressed when someone follows through since the planning to is the easy part. So well done and good luck on reaching your goal!

  4. So......strap your pedometer on and get going, Kathy!:-)You won't be sorry.


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