Sunday, 18 August 2013

Friends are precious

Recently I celebrated a milestone birthday...turning 'retirement age'. My friends from work took me out to dinner at a local restaurant to mark the occasion. I received some lovely gifts which were much appreciated as they will be reminders of these great people after I retire at the end of the year. I was given a beautiful bunch of flowers which I soon discovered was sitting in a plastic bag full of water after I accidentally tipped it up and water leaked down my jeans and onto the floor. :-)


 After we had the water mopped up from the floor by one of the waitresses, I opened my gifts.

This is a lovely soft scarf with exquisite lace trims.

I recently had my ears re-pierced after 37 years. I used to get infections (probably from wearing cheap earrings) so I gave up wearing earrings for pierced ears and resorted to clip ons. However, the latter are hard to buy these days so I thought I would try again and this time only wear good quality earrings. So my friends from the section I work in gave me this lovely pair. The card was made by my colleague's mother before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. It is an absolutely beautiful card with lots of fine work.

I was given a diffuser with a peach scent.....

and a colourful mug designed by David Hart - Pro Hart's son which was bought at his Mooloolaba gallery on the Sunshine Coast.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I will miss these dear friends once I finish work. I have worked at the same workplace for 23 years so some of us have seen a few ups and downs in that time.
One of my old friends whom I have known for over forty years gave me some Blueberry Spread as we are both trying to stay healthy as we get older....

and my girl sent me a lovely parcel containing a quirky shoe pincushion, a necklace and an extremely soft pashmina black and red scarf. I had never heard of pashmina before but apparently it is a type of fine cashmere wool.

Last but not least my little granddaughter, Miss Four, made her Nanna a beautiful card which she had painted and designed herself. She obviously has her mother's creative flair, don't you think?
Aren't they beautiful gifts? I will treasure them as they mark an important milestone in my life and when I use them I will think of and appreciate the friends and family who gave them to me.


  1. Congratulations. And Miss 4 made that beautiful card? She is very talented indeed.

  2. Congratulations on your 'special age', a time when you can try new things. Beautiful gifts!!! Being a 'mug' person I love the mug, and the card Miss 4 made is wonderful. She has talent!

  3. Yes Ree and Shirley, Miss Four made that card with a little bit of help from mum. She is very artistic at a young age just like her mum was.

    Shirley, I am a 'mug' person too. I always love to receive one as a gift and when I use it I am reminded of the person who gave it to me.

  4. Congratulations and a belated Happy Birthday. Your presents are beautiful ... you are loved xx

  5. You are fortunate indeed to have such thoughtful friends and family. Congratulations on your 'coming of age'!

    1. Barb, as I said I will really miss my friends from work when I finish. They are just great. Thanks for the 'coming of age'congrats! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday (late)! Love the mug - I agree mugs remind me of the friend or place they came from.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I have an assortment of mugs which I love and there are some happy memories of friends associated with them.


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