Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Plastic bottle bag sealer

If anyone in Australia watches the Better Homes and Gardens TV show, they know that Tara Dennis comes up with some pretty nifty ideas at times and, on a recent show, I saw her demonstrate how to repurpose a plastic bottle as a bag sealer.


Instead of sealing a bag with a peg or a rubber band you can get a better seal by using the top of a plastic bottle and lid. By the way I don't really seal my bags with a jumbo peg but that is all that I could find at 9pm. :-)

First cut below the neck of a plastic bottle and reuse the base in another project.

Neaten the edges if necessary.

 Trim the edges of your plastic bag, put the sealer on top and feed the bag through and then put on the lid.

When you want to pour out a few peas or whatever is in your bag, simply pour out the required amount and seal again with the lid. Easy peasy!

Of course, Tara does such a good job of making everything look easy I have to give you the link to the Better Homes and Garden episode. What do you think? Is that nifty or not?


  1. Replies
    1. Ree, I'd probably only use the method for something like frozen peas. Tara suggests it would be good for storing rice and oats too but I am so super organised that I have containers in my pantry for that. LOL! Not always I must admit.

  2. How clever. I wonder at the thought process - "wait, I'll just put this bottle top on this bag!" I like how it acts as a pourer as well. Thanks for sharing this tip.

    1. Barb, I wonder too how people come up with these ideas. Obviously I am lacking something in the creative thinking area.

  3. Great idea!! Very nifty! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks Jeanneke. I must admit I had never seen this method of sealing plastic bags before.


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