Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bush Christmas Exhibition

Yesterday a friend and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the Bush Christmas Exhibition here in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs of SE Queensland. This annual exhibition showcases the incredible talent of 120 artisans who live in rural and remote parts of Australia.

Realising that there was unfulfilled talent in remote and rural areas, a group of women in Western Queensland organised the first Bush Christmas over 16 years ago to give the artisans in these areas an avenue whereby they could promote and sell their work. There is so much to see at the exhibition and the work is of a high standard.
I just love Michael Walsh's iron animals and there weren't many left today so I would say that he sold a lot of them over the weekend.
You can watch a short video of him with his animals on our local newspaper's website.

Then there is the superb craftsmanship of Wolfgang Schulze from Silver Pewter by Wolfgang.
If you want to buy a unique gift for someone special for Christmas then check out his website and I am sure you will be impressed by the quality of his pewter ware.

There was such a variety of gifts, works of art and gourmet delights at the exhibition including this Desert Lime Cordial which was made from  Australian Desert Limes.

 Lots of quirky and colourful hand painted items from Kitty's Happy Farm were on sale.

Kent's Produce from Kalbar in SE Queensland's Scenic Rim region have 100% natural products which can be ordered from their website.

I was very impressed with the variety of soap from Washpool Farm which is in Ballandean near Stanthorpe on Queensland's Granite Belt. If you enjoy soap making then you must check out their website and blog.
The Bush Christmas Exhibition finishes on Sunday 1st December so if you are thinking of visiting Toowoomba before then and want to visit the exhibition you can find it at 58 Neil Street Toowoomba. It is next to the Empire Theatre and admission is free.
Oh and by the way, the chooks in the first photo were doorstops! They were very, very cute!




  1. Wow certainly some talented people there x

  2. Some wonderful items there! I had to check out what desert limes were [have added to my knowledge of Australian 'things'] and love the doorstops!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day Nanna Chel. Love those corrugated tin ornaments, they seem very popular these days, Lots of other great stuff too!

  4. A lovely range of treasures. I would have needed to exercise serious restraint - especially around those iron animals. I'll look out for the event next year.

  5. Lovely things. I text daughter who lives up your way. She is still looking or a few xmas/birthday gifts and is happy for a new place to snoop. Says she will call in on her way home from work.
    Thank you for the photos.

  6. gorgeous crafty hand made creations Chel. Lovely to see x

  7. Wonderful things! Just love the chookens though.

  8. Yes, the 'chookens' were very colourful and popular. :-)


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