Thursday, 28 November 2013

QCWA Christmas Market

There are lots of markets being held in our region at the moment and there are some lovely handmade items for sale which make great Christmas gifts. Yesterday I attended one such market which was organised by our local QCWA (Queensland Country Women' Association).

Overseas readers may not have heard of the Country Women's Association before and might be wondering what it is. The Queensland Country Women's Association was formed in 1922 and is part of the umbrella organisation called the Country Women's Association of Australia which has branches in each state of Australia. In the beginning, to be eligible to become a member of the QCWA ,women had to derive their income from the land but that has changed over the years and now members come from across the state from both urban and rural areas with the objectives of supporting women and children, promoting friendship and understanding and to be active in the local community.
They offer a host of activities including dressmaking, public speaking, cookery, knitting and patchwork, handcraft, history groups and have social days and name a few. When my children were babies the QCWA rooms in the CBD had a Mother's Room where I could feed them and also could have a cuppa in a quiet space if they needed a sit-down and a nappy change. Today those same rooms were a bustle of activity as the ladies put their craftwork and cooking up for sale as the Christmas market is one of the main fundraising activities of the year.
These ladies were selling the cakes, biscuits and other yummies and I had my eye on a huge fruit cake for $6 but another lady beat me to it while I procrastinated so I settled for a date loaf.
Goodness me, it is so moist. Obviously the QCWA ladies are experienced cooks.

Their crafty members made a great variety of items including potholders (notice the price on this one), knitted dolls, jewellery and every else you could imagine.

There were also a number of stallholders who run their own home business including this young girl who sells jewellery .....

...and created this beautiful tree which involved many hours of work. Her business is called 'Lucky Dip Aust' and she is on Facebook at luckydipaust is anyone is interested in having a look at her craftwork.

Then there was Marion from Marion's Crafts .....

and she knits lovely baby booties and baby jumpers as well as ....

...crocheted towels and this Christmas pack of an oven glove, pot holder and a hand towel was selling for $10. All hand made and a lovely gift for someone. If you would like something unique made to order then Marion can be contacted on

Another lady was selling iron covers, toaster covers, kettle covers and also had made some of those really practical casserole carriers which were very popular years ago.

She also sold these potholders for 50 cents and 80 cents! Just amazing!

Then there was Beverlei from 'Beverlei's Creations'. She makes cards and has had them featured in Australian Simply Cards Magazine. She makes them to order and if anyone wants a really special card made she can be contacted on

 The QCWA also has budget accommodation available throughout Queensland and we have stayed at the Kissing Point units across from The Strand in Townsville  which are located not far from the rock pool. These units aren't included in the list of accommodation for some reason but they are budget priced, clean and self-contained apart from a shared laundry and, as they are just across the road from the beach, they are very popular.  

I am thinking of going to some of the QCWA craft mornings next year as I will be 'retired' then. It looks like I won't be eligible to join the Young Leaders Group though. :-)

Do you have a CWA group or the equivalent in your region?

Don't forget that the book giveaway closes on Saturday!


  1. Good morning Chel, I really admire those clever CWA ladies; so many talents. When I go to Warwick I have lunch at their rooms - freshly made sandwiches and a pot of tea for about $8. It is good to see they are encouraging younger ladies to get involved; that seems to be a problem with many community organisations now, the 'experienced' members are stepping back and there is no one prepared to take on a bigger role. I'd like to see what the Warwick CWA offers when we get up there.

    I would like to enter your giveaway, our little granddaughter in Hobart would no doubt enjoy the prize, should I be lucky.

  2. Barb, perhaps the CWA magazine ' Ruth' will help to attract more young women to the organisation. It would be a shame to see it die out but there do seem to be some young leaders involved so all is not lost.

    I will add your name to ' The Hat' when the big giveaway draw happens on Sunday!

  3. What a lovely market Nanna Chel. Can't believe those prices! I could see many things I could use.

  4. I made two date loafs like that one for our market yesterday.

    They look to be a lovely group of talented ladies in the CWA.

    I went to CWA markets here a while ago, but sadly there was not much there as the members are dwindling, which is sad...


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