Saturday, 30 November 2013

Make a quick and easy Christmas gift.

Do you have any friends who are always trying to lose weight? You do? Then here is a gift that you can give them this Christmas! Weight Loss Beans!

 Firstly, you need to sew up a bag. There is a simple tutorial here for a drawstring bag that even children can make. If you don't have a sewing machine you could hand sew a bag using felt or make a felt pouch like this one if you are a beginner at learning how to sew. You could also just use a small box.

Now you need to make a small paper bag or use a little zip lock bag if you would prefer that. Then  put your  'weight loss'  beans inside that bag. If your friend is a gardener you could give them some beans to grow like the Madagascar beans in the photo. Perhaps some sprouting beans like Mung beans might be more to your friend's liking or if they really don't want to lose weight, jelly beans would be a good choice. :-)

Now you need to type and print (or write) the following:

Weight Loss Beans
                                      1.Remove beans from bag
                                      2. Scatter on the ground
                                      3. Bend down and pick up each bean
                                      4. Repeat hourly as needed
Cut paper to a suitable size to make a tag and then glue onto some cardboard. Make a hole with a hole punch.
Put the paper or plastic bag containing the beans inside the fabric bag or box. Tie a ribbon around the bag or box or insert ribbon into the drawstring bag if you have sewn one and attach the 'Weight Loss Beans' tag to the ribbon.
Give to a friend with a sense of humour and wait for the laughs!
Don't forget that the book giveaway closes at midnight!
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  1. I like the idea!!! All that bending would certainly make more space for Christmas 'indulging':)

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha, still laughing.

    1. I think it would be a great gift for a friend with a sense of humour, Deb. LOL!

  3. Tania, your green mean juice plus the weight loss beans will result in you losing even more weight. LOL!

  4. Nanna Chel,
    I would find this hilarious. I don't think the others I know would. And I'd want the jelly beans ;)


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