Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Succulent Addiction!

One of the nice things about the internet and the world of blogging is that you get to meet some interesting people along the way and recently I met someone who made something really positive out of a potentially depressive time in her life. She used what must have been a very stressful period to grow the most varied array of succulents that I have ever seen in one place.

The 'Succulent Addiction' belongs to Gwen who has a relatively new  blog called Succulent Sensations. As Gwen explains on there:  'My husband had chronic fatigue and virtually slept for a whole year.  Well, I had to find something to keep me occupied didnt I?  I started off with 3 little plants and look what happened.  He jokingly says he went to sleep for a year and when he woke up we had a nursery!'

Gwen grows some beautiful succulents and I think that one of my favourites is this purple one. She has kindly given me permission to use photos from her blog and the first two are from there. So if you are interested in seeing some more of Gwen's succulents head over to her blog and have a look and say hello while you are there.  

As we are in the process of making our little bit of land easier to look after as we are getting older and are reassessing what plants we want to keep, I took stock of what succulents we had growing recently as they don't require a lot of water and seem to be able to survive without much attention as well. I think we will keep the plants in the birdcage as the bird seems quite happy with them. If only he could talk he would tell me not to pretend he is real. :-)

These seem to grow quite happily in the pot they are in so they will stay.
I quite like this one but the other gardener doesn't like the grey colour so I think they will be 'disappearing' soon.
I am not fond of this one so we might replace it with another succulent.

I really like this one and I am sure it will stay.

I bought this succulent years ago in a pot and it has spread quite a lot. I should know the name but it escapes me now. I think Gwen will have to pay my blog a visit and identify these succulents for me.
I can't credit the source of this photo but I saw this a while back and the succulents are being grown in an old tyre. What a great idea!
Eventually I hope to get some more colourful plants like those in the photo above as they are very pretty. Most succulents seem to be so easy to grow and, as they don't require a lot of water or care, they will be taking up a lot more space around here in the future especially as we seem to be returning to drier summers again.
Do you have many succulents growing and can you recommend any colourful ones? It's a pity Gwen doesn't live nearby. :-)



  1. Hi Chel, I visited Gwen's blog - wow! I like those 'succulent walls' that you sometimes see on TV and in magazines. Made out of old pallets or something. I have some of those grey ones too and really like them. I can see why it could easily become an addiction. Have a great day.

  2. Aren't Gwen's succulents great? We actually have some pallets just waiting to be planted with succulents. Just have to find the energy!

  3. Hi Chel, loved your post and your beautiful succulents! The pallets sound like a great idea, you will have to post some pics when you have it done.

  4. Gwen, have you seen them on The Micro Gardener? They look easy enough to put together and look great when finished.


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