Thursday, 12 December 2013

Quick and Easy No-Sew Christmas Bunting


Do you have a Christmas party to prepare for soon and want to do some quick decorating? Here is a tutorial for those of you who can't sew and would like to make some Christmas bunting so, all of you experienced sewing ladies (or gents), avert your eyes now as these are very basic instructions for bunting which anyone can make.

This is a similar tutorial to my recent 'Vintage Bunting from Old Lace Curtain' tutorial except that I used the top of the curtain this time instead of the bottom.

If you have an old lace curtain with a pattern then go and have a look for it as it is bound to be hiding somewhere waiting for the day 'when it will come in handy' or, if you don't have one already then check out your local Op Shop and try to find one that has a pattern and some holes in it through which you could thread thin ribbon.

Step 1. Okay now that you have your curtain and have chosen the pattern you prefer for your bunting, get a ruler and draw a triangle over the section you want to use. Cut the first triangle out and then place that one over the next pattern and continue cutting out the number of triangles you require. I folded the fabric over the pattern section and cut a few at a time.
Step 2. I cut my bunting so that there were some holes near the bottom of the triangle that I could thread ribbon through so I chose some Christmassy thin ribbon and threaded it through the holes....

...then attached a bell to the ribbon...
...before tying the ribbon on firmly.

Step 3. Rummage around in your ribbon stash and choose a ribbon to hang the bunting on. Now thread it through the top of the curtain in the section that has already been sewn where the curtain rod would normally go. Then tie a knot or bow at the ends of the ribbon and, if hanging inside, perhaps you could pin it onto some closed curtains or across a mantelpiece and held down with something heavy. If you want to use it as an outdoor decoration, then just tie it to a tree as I did and it can wave around in the breeze. 

When Christmas is over you can just untie the ribbon and the bunting can be used during the year whenever you have a celebration. If you would prefer more of an off-white colour, then simply soak the lace in some cold tea until it is the colour you like.
If you would rather use the bottom of your lace curtain you could use the tutorial here to do that.

This is a basic tutorial for bunting that anyone can make regardless of their sewing skills, so check out your fabric stash and see what you have got hidden in there that you may have forgotten about.
Do you like it? I think it looks lovely against the green of the leaves on the pecan nut tree.



  1. So delicate and pretty. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Easy peasy, even I could do that whilst my sewing machine is out of action! Thank you.

  3. Very unique bunting and absolutely beautiful and festive for Christmas.


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