Saturday, 14 December 2013

Last minute Christmas gifts to sew

One of my favourite craft blogs that I follow belongs to a young mum, Ashley, who has the inspiring blog Make it & Love it. I was reading about her last minute Christmas gifts today and came across her Girl and Boy Fabric Dolls tutorial which has been on my 'To Do' list for some time. I asked Ashley if I could post a photo from her blog here and she kindly said that was okay. I thought that there might be some other Nannas out there who might like to make one of these for a special little girl or boy in their life.

Ashley has made one for each of her children, including her son Connor and it would be fun to make a doll with the same hair colour and with the same hairstyle as the child who would be the happy recipient.  This is one of Ashley's most popular tutorials and you can view all of her tutorials here.
As they say on TV...'But wait there's more!!!' Until the 14th December (US time) she has reduced the patterns in her Pattern Shop to $3.00 (US) which isn't much more in Aussie dollars. She has some cute baby booties and a gorgeous girl's purse pattern in her shop so check it out. I am sure you will find something quick and easy to make on her website. She never ceases to amaze me with her tutorials and creative ideas.
I am currently sewing a little Pom Pom Tutu for the little granddaughter of my friend who died last year. I had better get it finished and sent off soon before Australia Post is overwhelmed with all the last minute mail.

Talking about mail, today I received two cards from Project Compassion to send to my little granddaughters as I bought a child living in poverty two chickens on their behalf. They would get a kick out of that as they are already learning from their parents about giving and not just receiving.  
I hope everyone's preparations for Christmas are going well despite the crowds at the shopping centres which I avoid like the plague. Christmas is a quiet time for us now in the season of life we are in but I know it is a busy time for many others especially those with small children. Enjoy the time you have with them as, before you know it, they will have grown and left home so create lots of precious memories they can take with them when they do leave the nest. It will be worth it!


  1. Love those dolls Nanna Chel. My stepdaughter and I spent one Christmas holidays making our ragdoll Lucy and it was so much fun. Love the gift of chickens too. The granddaughters will love it! :)

  2. Tania the dolls are very cute and I should stop procrastinating about making a couple. I believe they are quite easy to make. Yes, the chickens would be a big hit with the girls.


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