Thursday, 15 May 2014

Getting life into perspective

As all Aussies would know, a new Federal Government Budget was released on Tuesday night. Since its release there has been much talk on TV and elsewhere about how terribly hard it is going to be for everyday Aussies and it all got a bit too negative for me after a while so I took a walk outside to see if I could find something to cheer me up and get things into perspective.

After bemoaning the fact that there was no colour in the garden in the last blog post, I took a closer look at the plants growing there and came across some little gems that weren't flashy but when I uploaded them onto the computer and looked at the detail of their little delicate flowers I was amazed.

This begonia is so pretty... is this pink camellia hidden amongst the leaves.  I just take these flowers for granted as they bloom every year regardless of ever getting any attention. Sometimes we take the good things in life for granted too don't we?

Hiding under the camellia tree are these cliveas which always remind me that spring really isn't all that far away...only a few months of winter to get through.

Also hidden near the cliveas is this flowering bromeliad with its stunning colours

 The camellia tree shelters a number of plants including this zygocactus which belonged to my mum who had it growing on her warm front verandah. I am sure that many readers of my vintage would probably have had one of these plants growing at their house when they were young. Seeing this plant brought back memories of my parents and, as I was in a pensive mood after all the talk about the budget, I thought about the hard times my parents had seen in their lives together. They were both children when World War One began, were married just after the Great Depression in Australia and had little children to protect during World War Two during which time they prepared for an imminent invasion by the Japanese. They survived these hard times and I am sure that we all will survive what is touted by the media as a 'horror budget'. 

Sometimes it helps me to look at what happens in life from a different perspective like when I was trying to capture a close up photo of the zygocactus flower. Just as I took the photo the sun came out and I thought the photo would be ruined as I was facing the sun which I believe is a no-no when taking photos. (I still have a lot to learn in that department).  However, when I uploaded it, it looked so pretty with the sun shining through the petals.

Another reason I don't feel too badly done by even though the budget is going to affect us like most other Aussie households, is because I watched part of this week's 4 Corners programme called Streets of Shame . I couldn't watch the whole programme as it was too distressing. If you happened to see the show I am sure that you also appreciate the fact that we are richly blessed in this country despite the doom and gloom around us.

Looking at life from a different perspective at times such as this is highly recommended!


  1. Oh Nanna Chel, I want to give you a big hug! The budget might not be the best and there might have been better options to reduce our debt but there's nothing we can do about it. I have learned a long time ago not to dwell on things I cannot change, I just have to make the most of it. You're right there's so many people worse off or have lived thru tougher times, I'm sure we will manage. We might be tested, but how goes the saying? What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
    And your pics are beautiful!!! Can't wait to get back home and enjoy the garden.

  2. You have the most beautiful garden and I can imagine you miss it a lot when you are away. Yes, I am sure we will get through the tough times ahead. Many of our parents did and we will too.

  3. Thank you Chel. I have heard too much about the budget, and as Frances Simple has said, there's not much we can do about it so let's just do the best we can with the cards we are dealt. We still are very lucky to live in Australia. Your flowers and photography are amazing! I love seeing your pictures as you play with your camera. Xxx

  4. Thanks Alison. Yes, 'play' is a good word. :-) It's a bit of trial and error and, as I don't wear my glasses when I take the photos I can never tell if they are any good until I upload them onto the computer and I am amazed at the detail that shows up at times. I hope all the Budget talk is finished soon.

  5. Hi chel. Just checking out your blog for the first time :) I totally agree with what you and Alison and Frances have said. Budgets come and go and might impact people to some extent but it has to be worked around and dwelling on the negatives achieves nothing. If I ever start going down that track, I remember that anyone with food on the table, a roof over their head, health care, running water, electricity and safety is one of the richest people in the world. Things like cars, fridges, washing machines ( which most of us have) are luxuries many people can only dream about. We don't know how lucky we are! Scooz

  6. Welcome to my little neck of the woods, Scooz. Yes, we often forget how fortunate we are in this country and it is good that we take time to appreciate what a good life we really do have.

  7. And how fortunate that you already have a handle on living a simple and frugal lifestyle, I have to admit that I am a little envious that your government took on the issue and apparently did some real cutting. Our government has done nothing but pretend it's not an issue and I worry about the fallout of not taking care of it. I can't help but think putting off a problem rarely makes it go away. You have the right attitude! And you once again have the most striking flowers!! (another source of envy - I really need to work on my attitude!) Lovely!

  8. Yes Kathy, we know how to live frugally which is a big advantage. Having memories of not so affluent times when I was growing up particularly in the years after the Second World War when I was a child help to keep things in perspective. It must be harder for those who have known nothing but affluence and haven't learned how to save etc.


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