Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Local Event for Camellia Lovers

Next weekend the 2014 Toowoomba Hospice Camellia and Winter Market Festival will be held in the TAFE Horticulture Centre. If you live in the region and love camellias it would be a nice drive up to the Garden City to attend the festival.

The festival will open at 9am on Saturday and Sunday and close at 4pm. The Entry Fee is only $5. There will be gourmet markets, talks by TAFE horticulture lecturers, singing, 'Ready, Steady, Cook' presented by Bunnings, craft and jewellery and the list goes on.
 You can see the programme and some photos taken from last years festival here. 

It looks like some of the displays and activities are held under cover so hopefully it will be a nice sunny day without too much wind.
 However, as Queensland is experiencing some really cold weather at the moment it might be a good idea to rug up if you are thinking of coming along. I am interested in the 11.30am talk on Saturday by Duanne Karle on 'Growing suitable winter plants for Toowoomba, Southern Downs and the Granite Belt' and perhaps stay on for the Chef's Cook Off - Toowoomba's own 'Ready, Steady, Cook at 1pm. 
The Toowoomba Hospice garden is also open to the public over the weekend from 10am to 4pm both days and the entry fee is $5. It is wheelchair friendly and all proceeds go to the Hospice.  So come along and support a good cause. 
As I said, it is a tad cold at present and Brisbane had its coldest morning for 103 years yesterday.  Of course it is much colder in many regional areas of Queensland and even Mt.Isa was -2C last week but it won't be long I guess before we are complaining about the heat again. Last year Spring started with a heatwave if I remember correctly. :-) 
Between then and now though, we can all enjoy our winter gardens and a frosty start to the day usually means that sunshine will follow and, if you can find a sheltered spot in the garden out of the wind, it is a nice way to spend a few hours.
Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are trying to stay cool at the moment so I hope that wherever you live you are enjoying life in your little neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful. I never see them in ordinary life and forget how fetching they are. So delicate, soft. All those petal layers, like a mystery unfolding, truth manifesting before our eyes.

    1. J, that was very poetic. They certainly are very pretty and add a bit of colour in winter.

  2. Aren't camelias such pure clear colours and their form is delightful. How tempting this is, especially the speaker on what to plant. I will have to see if I can get up there. If not, it will go on the calendar for next year. Are you going?

  3. I am hoping to, Barb. Friday is going to be windy but the forecast for Saturday is for frost then sunshine so that won't be too bad.

  4. Soooo cold, love the idea of the workshop Nanna Chel, great that it is focused on local conditions. I have never needed a coat living up here but I think I need one this winter :)

  5. Tanya, I bought a coat at one of the sales a few years ago but had only worn it once or twice in winter until this winter when it has certainly come in handy. It hasn't been this cold for many years and we have been spoiled with mild winters I think.


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