Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How fit and healthy are YOU?

If you live in Queensland you would have seen the Queensland Health ads on TV asking us to take the Health and Fitness Age Challenge.

I took the test a while back and I am sure that my health and fitness age was less than my actual age. However, when I took it again yesterday I was FOUR years older!!! Can you believe that? What caused that? Perhaps it was the cold weather and the thick slices of homemade bread I HAVE to eat with warming soups or the fact that some days it has been too cold to go for a walk.

Whatever the reason I need to get motivated to get moving more and eat more healthy foods to ward off aged related illnesses before I am much older.

 If YOU would like to know your Health and Fitness Age you can take the test on your PC or download the App. You might be surprised at the results. Don't take too long though as you will soon be encouraged to move away from that computer and get your body moving! Sitting too long isn't good for you as you will be told more than once. You can even pick a trainer and sign up for alerts to keep you motivated.

I was interested to read that Queensland has the highest rates of obesity in Australia with 65% being overweight or obese and 33% don't even realise it. So it is time to serve up smaller portions....

....make sure I have two servings of fruit a day (which I already do)....

....and five serves of vegetables a day which I find harder to do. It does help if you grow your own vegetables of course.

So....who is going to join me in bringing down their Health and Fitness Age? You can start by measuring your waist which, if you are healthy, should be no more than 80cm (31 1/2inches) for women and 94cm (37 inches) for men. You can even download a measuring tape if you don't have one which I guess may be the case in some households but not in this one :-).

You can also read some interesting facts here. Did you know that over 1/4 of Australians are obese, the average Australian woman is now 7.5kg heavier than in 1989 and the average man weighs 8.7kg heavier. The leading preventable cause of premature disability and death in Queensland is now High Body Mass Index which has overtaken tobacco as the leading cause.

So...take the Health and Fitness Challenge then get those joggers on and have a walk, move around a little more each day even if you get up from the computer at work every so often and walk around the office, pack a healthy lunch and resist the junk food. 

Before you know it you will be jumping out of your skin as you become more fit and healthy.


  1. Hi Chel,

    Thanks for raising this important topic. I wondered if you have any thoughts on obesity triggered by the way wheat is processed these days and GMO foods.

    It was surprising to me to return to Australia after living in North America and seeing the level of obesity. I did not expect it at all.

    I am always wary of advertising too. Marketing junk to people and playing on insecurities!

  2. I don't have any info about the processing of wheat, Vicki. A friend of mine thinks that the wheat now produces more gluten hence so many people having to go on gluten free diets.

    I think a lot of people drink Coke and other soft drinks which can't be good. Then there is the junk food and lack of exercise. Hopefully the tide will turn soon otherwise our country is going to be having to deal with young people with life threatening illnesses which could have been avoided as there is no lack of education out there unless you live under a rock.

  3. Yikes, just did the survey - I'm 4 years older as well. Thanks for putting this up, I had seen the ads on TV but had not followed them up. Time to do something I think. Like your runners btw.

  4. Join the club, Barb! LOL! I bought the runners last year before finishing work as I knew I wouldn't be buying another expensive pair in a hurry. They are so light and comfortable I must admit and well worth the money. Good for an old chick!

  5. I am only a year older than my age, but I used to be so much younger on that test. Or, another one like it.

    I stayed late at work this morning (3rd shift) and hauled an unfortunate donation out to the trash. I call that exercise by default, although if I exercised more frequently I could call myself more fit. Probably not going to happen, though.

  6. You are only a year older....well done, J! Four years is much too much.

  7. OMG. Poop result here , 5 years older from too much craft sitting and not enough moving about.
    No alchohol, no smoking, no meat and small portions are not enough if there is too much sitting, have been walking briskly 30 mins 3 times a week for a few weeks, will have to go everyday to keep the extra inches off the tummy !

  8. Ha ha I am fitter than you Margaret....only four years older! Yes sitting does seem to be a big problem doesn't it? I have to remind myself all day to move around more. Also trying to keep the waist measurement under 80cm when you get older can be a bit of a challenge. It was no problem when I was younger though.

  9. I'm 4 months younger than my age but it doesn't take into account things like hereditary high blood pressure and possible cholesterol problems that may go with it. I haven't measured my waist but considering the jeans size wear I don't think that's a problem. Being 157cm (5'2.5") means every kilo counts with me. Off to have my (almost) daily walk now. I tell everyone it's to stop the dog gaining any more weight :P!

  10. Yes it is a fairly basic test but hopefully it will get lots of Aussies to think more about eating well and moving a little more. You are doing well though and I hope you can bring your BP down.

  11. I'm trying to remember but I think the last time my waist was 31.5 inches was before any of the kids were born! Egad! Sigh, I have begun my walking program this summer, 2 miles 3 or 4 days a week. And hoeing and raking and weeding and picking the other days! It is good for me I know but it would be nice if the pounds 'just melted off' like all those ads, Yes? :)


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