Sunday, 20 July 2014

Local Flower Show Supports A Good Cause

Yesterday we visited the Camellia and Winter Market Festival held at the Toowoomba TAFE Horticultural Centre. I was hoping it wasn't going to be a bone-chilling and windy day like it was during the Gardenfest weekend but thankfully the temperature rose from 0C to 14C and it ended up being quite a nice sunny day. Local gardeners flocked to the show which was held to support our local Hospice.

 There was an assortment of stalls there including handmade goods, goat's milk soap products, preserves...

 ....local produce....

....items such as these recycled magazine bowls from Tosari Galleries....

....and lots of floral displays.

 Brian Sams, who presents a gardening segment regularly on our local TV station, had been talking about this vegetable garden at TAFE where he is a lecturer and he was explaining on TV how the vegetables had been planted so that they weren't in rows as such which helps to deter pests.... I was quite keen to have a closer look at it and I can see what he means. It is quite interesting to walk through and there wasn't a cabbage moth to be seen. Perhaps it was too cold for them ;-)

There were lots of plants for sale from various nurseries as well as from the TAFE nursery where we bought eight Hippeastrum bulbs for $2 each... well as a pot of six Pansy plants for $2! Can't beat that! 

The flower show is on again today if anyone living in the region wants to have a nice day out. There are speakers from nurseries you can go and listen to and ask questions about your plants. It is not a huge show but there is plenty to see in the area as the Cobb and Co Museum is nearby and Queens Park is just across the road.

As the funds from the weekend go to the Toowoomba Hospice it is certainly a worthy cause to support as the staff and volunteers there do a wonderful job.


  1. What lovely Pansies, my favorite color! Wanted to let you know that the book came in and in wonderful shape, I put it in my post today! Thank you again!!


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