Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Champion Gardens

On Monday I visited a few of the Carnival of Flowers champion gardens with a couple of friends. It was a cool and windy day but that didn't stop the busloads of visitors from trekking through the magnificent private gardens which are open to the public during Carnival week.

First we took a walk through the Reserve Champion garden where the above photo was taken. It is just a riot of colour.

Then we moved on to a couple of neighbouring gardens which won several prizes including the Good Neighbours prize. This is the front garden.....

...and this is part of the back garden. 

I loved these cute planters. 

One of the gardens was a bit quirky which I really liked as it was...

...just up my alley. 

I am going to make one of these owls.

On the way out there was a succulent vertical garden planted in a box which I am sure I could make as we have most of the plants already...

...and this encouraging sign for all visitors to read as we went on our way.


By then it was time for a break so we headed for St.Luke's Church in the CBD for lunch as there is always a Carnival floral display in the church as well as crafts for sale in the hall. Outside the church are these massive galvanised iron flowers which are quite stunning.

The Carnival finishes on Sunday 28th September and, if you are thinking of driving up the Range to Toowoomba to see the gardens, you can get a map of the gardens from the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre, 86 James St (Warrego Highway) on the way into town. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.


  1. Gosh, you are having so much fun with this festival. Imagine walking out to your back yard and seeing such a display.

    It must take a lot of time to create and maintain such a garden but i guess if it is your hobby or passion, it would be a pleasure.


    1. Lynda, it must also cost a fortune buying all those plants. Most gardeners have to replace their lawns as well after thousands of visitors have walked on them. They are certainly passionate about gardening.

  2. Once again we are in the process of trading seasons, it is your turn for the spring and summer and we are preparing for fall and winter. It is too soon for me to be envious of the gardens- I can just enjoy, however should you post these in January I will likely drool! Beautiful! We recently took a garden tour and it is sort of inspiring - I will dream of ideas during the cold months and see how many make it to spring when I have to do the actual work! :)

    1. Yes Kathy, I will definitely post photos of flowers in January just to help you get through winter. I am so pleased we can garden year round here.

  3. Beautiful colours Nanna Chel. I can only dream of having gardens like that :)


    1. Tania, it does help to live in a cool temperate zone with great soil. You do well considering the dreadful heat of summer in SA!

  4. Well that is quirky...and I like it! I could not imagine planting all those flowers. We were involved in the Carnival Parade last year - my husband organised the Dr Who float (did you see the blue box driving down Chalk Drive)?

    Anyway, they were handing out potted flowers to decorate the float. So MANY pots!!! I actually have a few I brought back home and they're flowering this year - well, almost!

    By the way, I replied to your comment on my blog. I put a memory peg on replying, but it seemed to have slipped my mind. Isn't that the way? It must be Carnival fever. We're actually heading up tomorrow to look at the gardens. Hopefully less visitors than the first weekend.

  5. Chris, enjoy the gardens.The quirky one is in Arabian Street. It shouldn't be so busy this weekend. No, I didn't see the floats last year as I think I was in Mt.Isa. The flowers on some of them are fabulous. Laurel Bank and Queens Park are just amazing as usual.


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