Friday, 10 October 2014

Do you want to learn how to crochet?

Can you crochet? Well, back in the 1970s when making granny square rugs was the rage I used to churn out granny squares without too much effort but, as is the norm in the crafting world, the focus soon changed to something else and I put my crochet hooks away. However, as there is a resurgence of the craft I am picking them up and trying to learn the skill again. I have made a few wonky dishcloths and am now branching out and trying to crochet some flowers, hearts and other shapes.

However, I am always bamboozled by the difference in the UK and US crochet terms and end up getting confused. I have been checking out YouTube lately in the hope of finding some basic crochet tutorials so I can start again from scratch as I always have difficulty trying to work out what hole to go into at the start of a row and I came across what looked like a great channel and when I heard the Aussie voice I knew that I had struck gold. Clare from BOBWILSON123 has some really great tutorials for beginners as well as others for the more experienced.

I have been wanting to make a teapot cosy for some time but never got around to it but when I saw one on her channel which looked fairly easy to crochet I gave it a try and... ended up a bit wonky but serves the purpose. It is not exactly what I wanted but it was good practice. I love those tea pot cosies with flowers on the top so I am now trying to crochet flowers....

 ...and hearts which start off with the magic ring technique which has been driving me bananas but I think that I have finally found a way to do it that I can get my head around.

I have been inspired by the beautiful crochet work done by Annabel from The Bluebirds are Nesting which featured ...


in this post. She said she had learned a lot from YouTube tutorials so I thought I would do the same. We all have to start at the beginning and my crochet skills can only get better...I hope :-)

Anyway, if there are any Aussies out there who get a bit confused with the UK and US terminology then do check out Clare's website and YouTube channel as she explains the difference and also uses yarn which is available in Australia. For any US readers wanting to learn how to crochet Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest has a great How to Crochet series  for beginners. 

Can you crochet and, if so, what are you working on at the moment? 



  1. Like you I made Granny squares but hated sewing them together and hiding all those thread ends. Once, when I had spare time I sat with a book of patterns and instructions and made a pretty pair of baby bootees. I find it easier to knit ... lol, no thinking for me in that:)
    Your tea cosy looks cute! And cosy:)

    1. Shirley, I should be making some baby booties too although I have never tried before. There were lots of ends to sew in when making that teapot cosy.

  2. Hope you are having heaps of fun, there are some STUNNING flower on granny square patterns around now, and heaps of free patterns for everything on "Lion Brand Yarns" website.

  3. Take a look at "Attic 24" there is a blog and a facebook page with beautiful things to crochet.

  4. Thanks Margaret. Another blog to drool over :-) See you tomorrow at the workshop.

  5. Thankyou nanna chel for the learning slowly as well. Your creations so far are great!

  6. As they say... practice makes perfect! I still have to watch every stitch I make so I don't make a mistake. LOL!

  7. Nanna Chel, You know of my difficulty with patterns and the differences between US and UK only add to my problems! I have developed a like of a few You Tube teachers that I seem to be able to understand well. This saw me learn so many new stitches this year and it was so much fun! After 50 years of doing the same few stitches I was due to expand! I was held back thinking they would be hard but surprised how easy they are. The good news this is very good for us, like doing crossword puzzles is for the brain. And relaxing. Keep up the good work! And I love that you are inspiring others. xxx

  8. Annabel, yes it was time I moved on from granny squares :-) i have read a lot lately about knitting and crochet being so good for our brain as we get older. It must be due to all that concentrating.

  9. Woohoo a crochet teacosy! I love it Nanna Chel, well done!

    I enjoy creating granny squares. I use them continually for making things. I have made cushions, knee rugs, hot water bottle covers, dishcloths, a variety of bags, and teacosies :) They are easy to do when travelling.

    With the ends, I sit at the table when I have visitors over for a cuppa and cake and I sew them in. It seems to be something I put off otherwise, but it really doesn't take that long.

    There are so many amazing ways to do grannies nowadays, not just the traditional way. I have branched out too and have been making different shapes like owls, hearts, flowers, circles and anything really that looks easy enough for me to do. I am getting used to the US terms now but I was very confused to start with.

    Lucky for me my mum and grandma taught me the skills to knit (mum), crochet (grandma), and sew (both). They were both very crafty people and mum would enter her items in the local show :)

    Thank goodness for you tube and the other beautiful blogs around. Pinterest is the place I go mostly for ideas :)

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one inspired by Annabel's beautiful work.


  10. Tania, Pinterest has some great ideas but I get a bit overloaded at times as I see so many projects I want to start. Yes, Annabel's work is very inspiring that is for sure.


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