Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Japanese Gardens Revisited

If you have been reading here for a while you may have read my post about our local Japanese Gardens which are part of the University of Southern Queensland campus. As there are 2,500 azaleas planted in the gardens I was keen to revisit in spring time to see what changes had taken place since June.

On arrival I headed off to Azalea Hill which you can see behind the red bridge. The azaleas were in various stages of flowering but still looked fabulous. 

The view from Azalea Hill is beautiful as well and my photos don't do it justice. 


There are three kilometres of paths through the gardens and while I was there I saw what I presume were some of the Uni staff doing some brisk walking during their lunch break. Better than sitting in a lunch room I am sure. 

There is a central lake with this island in the middle which is home to these birds which I kept my distance from. 


The ducks were out in force when I was there and the children were intrigued by them....

...especially these little ones.

There are 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants in the Japanese Gardens so if you ever visit Toowoomba then make sure you visit. It is a very relaxing and peaceful place to be.


  1. I've seen these garden on several TV shows and they certainly are beautiful. Toowoomba has a great climate for growing.

  2. Yes indeed, it is a great place to live if you are a keen gardener with good soil and a cool temperate climate.

  3. We had our wedding photos taken there, back before the stone bridge (near the waterfall) had a bamboo railing installed. It is indeed a very beautiful garden and I'm glad the Uni decided to spearhead the project, all those years ago. It was designed by students I believe?

  4. Chris, it is a lovely venue for a wedding. It is very relaxing watching the waterfall. The gardens look great at this time of year with the cheery blossom trees in bloom.


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