Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Frugal DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Workshop

Well it is that time of the year when things start winding down and 2014 is no exception. On the 15th November we will hold our last Simple Living Toowoomba workshop for the year and it will be a 'Frugal DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Workshop'.

Mandy from The Old Dairy will be presenting a hands-on workshop in which we will be making soy candles. Mandy will bring along some containers but may not have enough so if you would like to join in please bring a teacup or a container of choice for your candle. 

Tonya from The Crafty Mummy will be bringing along some of the Christmas projects which have featured on her blog. She will also be presenting a workshop for us next year which should be great. 

Shiralee from Vintage Papery will also be there with some of her very pretty handiwork on display and I am sure everyone will get a lot of inspiration and ideas from her projects. 

Margy has asked me to show how to stamp spoons so I had better do some practice.

 I was having a look in my stash today to see what other Christmassy crafts I have and found the Fabric Folded Decorations ....



I will take them along to the workshop as well as the Reusable Bow template which looks great with brown paper when wrapping presents. 

So if you live in the area and would like to come along you would be most welcome. A lot of people in other parts of Australia and even overseas often write and say how they wish they had a similar group meeting up where they live so we are very fortunate that Margy started our group a couple of years ago. Of course it will only grow bigger and better if people come along and participate and we are always open to ideas about what workshops and demonstrations would be of interest. Also if you can attend the workshop and you have some Christmas crafts you would like to display, then please bring them along.

Rather than having the usual monthly swap we will be having a 'Secret Santa' . If you would like to be involved in exchanging a gift then bring along a small, wrapped handmade gift up to the value of $5. Please RSVP by the 12th November. You can book into the workshop on the Simple Living Toowoomba website. 

It should be a really enjoyable workshop and a great way to finish off the year. 



  1. I almost cant wait for retirement so i can go to workshops like this one. Sounds like such a great time to be had.

  2. Lynda, most of those who attend our workshops are in the workforce so they are held once a month on a Saturday. They are great and everyone is friendly and willing to share ideas.


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