Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Cute Christmas Angel

Years ago when I used to visit the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane I saw these really cute Christmas Angels which were made with beads and safety pins. I bought a kit as I wanted the instructions on how to make my own and eventually put it together and displayed it on the Christmas tree. Then it was packed away with the Christmas decorations and would make its annual appearance in December. Over the years I have lost the instructions and had even forgotten I had made it with safety pins.

Then last year it reappeared on top of the wonky Christmas Lolly Tree ...


...and was packed away again. However, recently I have come across a great blog, The Crafty Mummy as one of the Down to Earth Forum members had linked to a fantastic tutorial on there on  How to Make a Sewing Machine Mat with Pockets. So I checked out the tutorial and made a mental note to myself to make a similar mat one day and while I was there I had a look around as I liked what I saw. Then I noticed a comment from someone I knew and kept looking and then, after a while, it dawned on me that Tonya, the owner of the blog, is actually a local girl. What a small world! 

Anyway, I was pleased this week to see that Tonya had gone to the trouble of doing a detailed tutorial on how to make the same angel. So make yourself a cuppa, head over there and check out the Beaded Christmas Angel Tutorial and while you are there have a good look around. Tonya has heaps of Tutorials and lot of other good ideas which I am sure everyone will love.

Say 'Hi' and leave a comment as she obviously puts a lot of work into her tutorials and her blog in general. It is very impressive don't you agree? Enjoy!



  1. Ohh, that is a nice blog, thanks for the heads up. I too have one of those angels from almost 30 years ago and had forgotten how it was made! I may have to do some more now!

  2. Yes it is a great blog, Kathy. I couldn't believe Tonya was a local girl and I hadn't heard of her blog before. She is a very clever little vegemite.m

  3. How cool, ive never seen one before. Will head over soon.

    1. I can see you making a dozen of them, Lynda :-) In your spare time of course.

  4. Chel, I remember doing one of those classes in the dim distant was fun. What a great blog she has with her tutorials.

  5. Yes Vikki, that little angel is a blast from the past eh? I must have bought the kit well over ten years ago.

  6. Cute little angels, have been following Tonya forever, or so it seems.

  7. Tonya will be doing a workshop for our Simple Living Workshop next year and will be displaying some of her Christmas projects at our end of the year one on Nov 15th. Come and join us, Deb :-)

  8. Thanks Nanna Chel I have found all sorts to look at over at that blog. I love Angels so I love this. Just now I am working on ruffled angel wings (as Christmas decorations and cards) and its hot here today so craft is the best option. xxx

  9. Hi Annabel. Yes Tonya has a great blog (like you do 😃 ) and there are heaps of tutorials I want to have a look at. It must be Christmas Angel time as I have another one I am working on.


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