Friday, 17 October 2014

Simple Living Toowoomba Breadmaking Demonstration

Our Simple Living Toowoomba group had the second last workshop of the year last weekend and Margaret demonstrated how to make a basic loaf of bread. She used 200g rye flour and and 400g wholemeal organic bread flour, 400-450 mls lukewarm water and 1 1/2t. yeast to make the loaf which tasted great when it was baked. Oh and in the lingo of good cooks, she 'threw' in a bit of salt!

Those ingredients went from this....




... to this. The shower cap went on and then the dough went out to the car to rise a couple of times ...

...while Margaret knitted away at a pair of socks...

...and finally it went into the oven...

...and voila...a very yummy loaf of bread came out!

Our last Simple Living Toowoomba workshop for the year will be a Christmas themed one and there will be a variety of crafts showcased including how to make soy candles which will be presented by Mandy from The Old Dairy.

 Our co-ordinator, Margy, will have final details about the workshop finalised in the next few days so keep the 15th November free if you live in the region and would like to join us for a fun morning. I will be bringing along my metal stamping kit and need to practice my stamping techniques as I haven't stamped any spoons lately. You may have read about my foray into this here and here.

If you can join us you would be most welcome. 


  1. I bet it smelled wonderful. We are trying to reduce our bread intake and have swapped for wraps. I have to look into making these. Im sure they are not difficult.

  2. I don't eat a lot of bread either, Lynda. We were hoping that some young people might come to learn basic breadmaking skills but I think that those of us who were there had already made it. It is hard to know what people are interested in sometimes but we try to vary the workshops.

  3. Rye and wheat flour are something I would like to master in the future, I bake my own bread but have always stayed in my white bread comfort zone! One of these days....Do you ever find yourself wondering where all that time went that you were going to have when you retired? :)

  4. That is funny you should say that Kathy. Today I planted some seedlings, watered the garden, picked mulberries and broad beans and noticed the beetroot needs picking and made into pickles and I have hardly done anything else this morning. LOL! Who has time to go out to work? :-)

  5. Yum, nothing beats fresh out of the oven.

  6. I usually only make bread in winter when we have soup and make it in the breadmaker. I used to bake bread in the oven when the children were little but I have no idea why I stopped doing that. Probably because I started working part time. There must be a reason :-)


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