Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Anyone who has a blog knows it can take ages to write some blog posts especially if you are sourcing information and adding links for your readers to check out and particularly if you have a penchant for fiddling around in Picmonkey like I do.

I had spent ages on the PC writing my recent post Are YOU a carer? because I had spent much too much time in Picmonkey and, as I usually write my posts at night and schedule them for the next morning, I quickly checked the post on my iPad to make sure it had published before heading out to church on Sunday morning and noticed that there was a typo. Shock horror! I didn't have my glasses on (big mistake) but I thought I would edit the post using the Blogger App that I had downloaded onto the iPad and which I had used a couple of times but as I can't find any instructions on how to use the jolly thing it tends to be a bit confusing. Anyway I was in a hurry and I thought I had edited the post and corrected the typo and then clicked 'something' (obviously the wrong thing) and my post went into cyberspace. 

I couldn't believe it so I raced to the PC and asked Mr.Google what to do and found this link written by some clever little vegemite. So I did what she said in Method 2 and pressed ctrl+H which opened a sidebar listing my browser history and went to my deleted post which was still lurking around in the computer somewhere and copied and pasted it into a new post and Bob's your uncle! What a relief!!!

Of course, most of you already knew how to retrieve a blog post didn't you? :-) However, there just might be one or two of you who are also technologically challenged who might just find that snippet of information helpful one day. You never know....just remember to wear your glasses when you are editing a post if you are over 50 or 60. 


  1. OK I'm laughing with you not at you ;), this has been a fear of mine - so glad you did it first and put out the answer! Thanks!

  2. Ha ha, glad I am not the only technologically challenged person in Blogland, Kathy. The young bloggers must have a chuckle.

  3. Im younger and im not chuckling. I imagine one day i will do the same thing. Your carer post actually showed twice on my reading list.

    1. No you won't delete a post, Lynda!!! Say it over and over 'I will never delete a post'. LOL! Now the fact that the deleted post showed twice is another mystery.


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