Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Don't we all need some sunshine?

What a difference the sun makes! Everything seems to sparkle and shine when it makes its appearance after a dark and cloudy day and thankfully in Australia we don’t have too many dark days where the weather is concerned. However, I have read on a few blogs lately and have also heard others talking about how dark a place the world seems to be at the moment and especially so if we watch the news and current affairs programs. I know of several people who don’t watch the news anymore as it is becoming too disturbing and I can vouch for that as I watched the last part of the 4 Corners program on Monday night and was exposed to images that were so upsetting that I thought of them every time I woke up during the night. 

While I can’t change the world at large I can try and brighten my little corner of the world and sometimes it is the simplest of things that can bring joy…

...such as watching the cockatoos through the window at home as they munch on our macadamias while putting on quite a circus act if another bird comes into their territory. Also being new to the keeping of chooks I get a kick out of picking up eggs every day although I must admit I don’t like the bossiness of the pecking order and find myself giving extra feed to the ‘girl’  at the bottom of the order while Cleopatra the boss is busy trying to get the best of the offerings just for herself.  I sneak her a few mulberries which the chooks love.

Here at the beach, after the cloudy weather fined up on Monday night, the next day dawned with a vibrant blue sky and we have since been enjoying the sunshine again even though the days are still a lot cooler than they were at home during the heatwaves.

We have been treated to some stunning sunsets the last two nights as we walk along the boardwalk.

Other tourists often pass us on a boat trip up the beautiful Pumistone Passage and around to Pelican Waters.

When we reach the barbeque area along the Esplanade there are often a couple of pelicans...

 ...and lots of seagulls waiting to see if any pickings are going to be sent their way although I am sure take-away food wouldn’t be any good for them. 

I give thanks for the simple things in life and am especially grateful to live in such a beautiful country and I am sure that most people reading this blog are grateful to be living where they live as well. 

We are fortunate indeed aren't we?



  1. Enjoyed your pictures sooo much! :) Yes, the sun makes such a difference. It can be 30* here but if the sun is shining, I'm good with it.

  2. We most certainly are fortunate Chel. No doubt you'll know that we had some lovely rain on the Downs last night, wasn't much but we are grateful nonetheless. I'm so glad you're enjoying nice weather up there; Caloundra is so lovely.

  3. Beautiful photos and sentiments. Yes we are very lucky to live here and yes, i too surround myself with a bubble and try not to let too many nasties in.

  4. Love the chook feeding. I have a 'bottom of the pecking order' chook too...and yes she does get a bit spoilt because of it haha. Beautiful sunset shots Chel :)

  5. Your sunny photos are beautiful and made me smile :)

  6. You are truly blessed, M'lady! Imagine, cockatoos out your window! A macadamia tree! Pelicans :) World news is heart-breaking and overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder why some of us have it so pleasant and others are fighting (running) for their lives and those of their children :*( We can pray for them and ask for their aid and healing....and turnover the great burden of sadness we feel for them to the all-seeing God when we feel so concerned and powerless to help. Thank you for your post.

  7. Thanks for all your comments. I do love reading them. We have a few internet issues here at the beach and I currently have my phone tethered to my iPad so don't have long periods online to answer individually.


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