Monday, 3 November 2014

The Eagle Has Landed!

Well, not really the Eagle but the little Getz has landed at the beach! After the heat of the last week or so it turned cool and cloudy today and was perfect driving weather so, after four sprays of Brauer's  Focus Stress Relief under the tongue, we headed off to the Sunshine Coast expecting the weather to be warm and sunny and just right for swimming but it turned out to be actually cooler than it was at home. For once I didn't get lost and, being a weekday and not a Saturday when we usually leave for the coast, it was rather quiet on the roads which suited me just fine.

I had quite a fright when we went to the holiday accommodation office to pay for our unit only to find that we weren't booked in. I had brought along a receipt that I had printed out before leaving that had been sent to me when I paid the deposit a couple of months ago so that I had proof, if needed, that I had paid the deposit. I didn't really look at the receipt and when I handed it to the lady who was handling our booking, she said that it was for last September and that our unit was already booked and wasn't available.

Well, I was gobsmacked for want of a better word and said that I had paid by direct deposit after speaking to someone on the phone about their bank details. When the other lady heard that (it must have been her I had been talking to on the phone) she came over and asked for my name and when I told her they realised that I had been emailed a receipt in someone else's name. I had noticed a name on it but thought it must have been the owner of the unit and didn't look at the dates etc. So all that was cleared up and there was a huge sigh of relief on my part as I set off for a coffee and a Valium.

 We have a pool at our unit and have a wonderful view of the Pumistone Passage as the unit is right beside the ocean and there is a boat ramp and a private jetty for fishing if you are into fishing.

 Warm enough for a swim? NO!!!

Now we have unpacked, eaten fish and chips at the Red Crab...

... and have had our ritual walk along the Boardwalk to King's Beach where I ran into  an old friend from home who had retired here at the beach. 

It doesn't look its best when it is cloudy and the sea is rough but I still love the ocean. I wouldn't like to live here though as I don't think I would appreciate it as much and would take it for granted.  

I think it is going to be an early night!



  1. Glad to see you made it in one piece! Hopefully you will relax and enjoy your time by the water.

  2. Barb, it is nice to have some relief from the heat too.

    1. By the sounds of it, the heat will be back with us by the weekend.

  3. I love the pictures! I love the beach! I hope it clears and warms up for you to enjoy your holiday! :)

  4. I hope your time by the water has refreshed you. Its amazing how much better we feel when we are near or hear water. I believe it is some how connected to the 70% water inside us. Natural vibrations or something.

  5. Lovely pictures and I love a gray day at the beach - enjoy. The beginning was just horrible and I confess I laughed. I have had something similar happen and afterwards you feel as though you've been run through a wringer! Hope the rest is problem free.

  6. That looks so nice and cool - it's so hot here at work. Hope you're having a good time.
    Take care.


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