Friday, 4 November 2016

A Visit to Green Harvest

Today we paid a visit to the Green Harvest Nursery at Maleny. I recently bought some horseradish, West Indian lemongrass and various seeds from there online so it was interesting to actually be there in person. It was a little different from what I expected as I thought it would be like the Toowoomba nurseries.


It is a different climate here on the Sunshine Coast from our cool temperature one at home and a lot of the plants that grow well up here are frost tender so wouldn't like our winters.



I spotted a healthy looking horseradish plant there which looked a lot better than mine so it was great to be able to get some advice on how to grow it successfully.I want to use the root next winter for Fire Cider.



There are heaps of interesting seeds there and I was quite restrained and only bought two packets...Evening Sun Sunflower seeds which produces flowers that are orange, russet-bronze, mahogany-red and gold with dark centres as well as a packet of Watermelon Radish which has a creamy white skin with vivid pink flesh. It says on the packet it is easy to grow so that sounds right up my alley :-)



Also I spotted something I have been intending to make for some time..a native bee motel. I just love them and have seen them for sale at our Farmers Market in all shapes and sizes and they don't look too hard to make. It was lovely taking a drive up to Maleny as I haven't been there for many years. We saw some beautiful fabrics in one of the shops and the soap shop had some amazing looking soaps for sale as well as other interesting items. It was nice to see some shops that weren't the run of the mill ones in shopping centres which are the same in every town you go to not that I needed to buy anything...definitely not soap!



We walk to Kings Beach most days and see the cargo ships passing by after leaving the Port of Brisbane. I think the Pacific Dawn will be leaving Brisbane at some stage tomorrow so it would be great if we saw it when we were having our Down to Earth forum get-together over lunch. Then again, we will probably be too busy talking to even notice any huge great cruise ships passing by :-)



One of the swans is still around and I never tire of watching them and the pelicans. A little toddler ran up to the swan yesterday and I was wondering if it would snap at him but it took off into the water where it was safer I guess. Toddlers can be a bit rough at times. Ha ha!



We haven't seen the spectacular sunsets we saw last year during stormy weather but it is going to heat up over the weekend so that might trigger off some storms. Just as long as it doesn't storm while I am driving back home on Thursday as that wouldn't suit me at all. Just trying not to get lost is stressful enough for me. LOL!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.





  1. Wow I would love to visit Green Harvest, I didn't know you could. Sounds like you were very restrained good for you. What lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Guida

  2. Bruce and I went to the Dendy Cinemas at Portside today and saw the Pacific Dawn being loaded with luggage and provisions. It was still there when the movie came out but by then, there were passengers walking on the decks. Sounds like you're having a great holiday there your Maleny visit reminds me that we haven't been there for a while. 😉

  3. Hmmm, that native bee motel has got me thinking......

  4. As the season changes from hot to cold here it is going from cold to hot there. Gardening is in your mind while winter preparations are in our minds. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful flowers again! :)

  5. glad you're having a wonderful holiday!
    lovely photos as always
    would love to visit green harvest, yeh their climate is very different to ours too
    thanx for sharing


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