Friday, 12 May 2017

Decluttering, Beads and Permaculture

What is the connection between decluttering, beads and permaculture I hear you say? Well nothing really but I just wanted to touch on those three topics in this post. Our Simple Living Toowoomba group is having a decluttering workshop on the 20th May and one on permaculture next month.

Recently I saw these really cute hearts on Meg's blog A Hopeful Nature which sent me looking for my stash of beads to make one up. Aren't they gorgeous? Meg also has the link there to the blog she got the idea from. These would look very pretty with a beautiful flowering plant and would be a nice gift for Mother's Day which is probably a bit late now but perhaps keep it in mind for a birthday which might be coming up. Check out Meg's blog for some other interesting posts as well. 

When I looked at my beading stash I thought to myself that it really needs decluttering as there are some beads there I know I will never use so that is on the cards in the coming weeks. If anyone else would like to have a discussion about decluttering and live in our area then come along to our workshop this month which will be in a temporary venue just for May and from then on we will move to our permanent venue at the Range Christian Fellowship in Blake Street. You can find the details below that Margy has emailed out.

Decluttering Open Forum
Date: 20 May
Time: 10.00-11.30am  

Cost: Free

Where:  Dr Price meeting room (located between the Council customer service building and Mothercraft childcare building in Little St)

What:  This will be an open discussion about decluttering.  We will talk about topics such as:
· The benefits of decluttering
· Tips for decluttering
· How do we let go of sentimental items
· Decluttering with children
· How do we declutter when other people in our homes are not so inclined
· Creative ways to declutter
· Do we just need to declutter our homes or are there other things we could declutter ie calendar, email, work place etc.

This will be for people who would like help with decluttering but also for people who have gone through or are going through the process.  It would be great to hear your experiences as well.

Bookings Required: 17 May Simple Living Toowoomba

Permaculture Workshop

Date: 17 June

Time: 9.00-12 noon.  

Cost: $5 

Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Wilsonton 

What:  Michael Wardle from Savour Soil Permaculture - will be giving an introductory information session about permaculture.  If there is any particular topic or question that you would like Michael to cover please let me know and I will pass it on to him.

Bookings Required: 14 June Simple Living Toowoomba

We are having a Soap Challenge on The Home Maker's Forum and the more experienced soapmakers are having a go at doing swirls with a coat hanger.  This is what mine looked like yesterday although I did try and sculpt the sides after taking the photo and probably ruined the look :-) I tried to take it out of the mould just before but it isn't ready yet unfortunately so watch this space. I tried to do the swirl like a video on Eve's Garden. If you haven't seen her soaps before you will be fascinated watching her do her designs although I am not sure I could be bothered with some of them as they are too complex but definitely works of art. It is a shame that it all goes down the drain eventually, don't you think? 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We get the NBN connected next week so I might be AWOL for a while if I happen to disappear after Wednesday. LOL!




  1. That soap looks stunning. It would make great gifts. The bead hearts are a lovely looking craft project, I will follow up on Meg's blog.

    1. Sherri, unfortunately I took the soap out of the mould too quickly and it is a little crumbly. Oops! Lesson learned.

  2. Permaculture workshop sounds very interesting. I wish I lived close by.

    1. It should be a very informative workshop, Nil. I don't know a real lot about permaculture unfortunately.

  3. I saw those beads on Meg's blog, lovely idea.

    Enjoy those workshops. We have a place called Cerea Environment Park which I've always wanted to visit. After reading your post I will look into their workshops, The soap making and sourdough bread workshops are the first to become fully booked.

    I think these workshops would also be great just to be around like minded people too.

    1. Yes Kylie, do look into it and I think you would probably enjoy the workshops.

  4. Your little beaded heart is lovely, Chel. I love the swirls on your soap, it reminds me of the beautiful patterns you get when marbelling paper with dyes. Thanks for the link too. Meg:)

    1. I just love those hearts, Meg and hope to make some more as I 'declutter' my beading supplies.

  5. I like your beaded heart and the swirled soap is lovely. I'd love to attend a permaculture workshop one day. Shame that Toowoomba is in another state!

    1. Robyn, it is a shame. You would be most welcome in our group.

  6. I would love to attend the permaculture workshop, but I guess it's a wee bit too far away. Permaculture doesn't seem to be as popular here as in your part of the world, which is disappointing for me.


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