Monday, 23 July 2018

A festival for yarn lovers

Today I visited Warwick's Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival with a couple of friends and the event is getting bigger every year. If you had the time you could easily spend a couple of days there. As today was a Monday it was probably quieter in town than it would be on the weekend but there were still a lot of visitors about.

As usual the Warwick Art Gallery was a hive of activity with several exhibitions including 'Home Sweet Home' which is the latest creation by the Warwick Art Gallery Yarntopians. It is a little cottage complete with a garden and I believe it incorporates some of the yarn projects which have been made for past festivals.

This really is worth seeing as there is so much detail involved. 

Rather way out but these two photos were part of  the 'Jumperhead' exhibition by Jessica Thompson...

...featuring yarn artworks made from repurposed second hand knitwear and recycled materials.

The third exhibition "Galaxy Morphed' by The Darling Downs Textile Art Group is just stunning ...

...and features some huge projects.

Outside the Art Gallery our taxi awaited. Only joking!

On the way into Warwick if coming from Toowoomba or Brisbane don't go pass Cafe Jacqui's when you see a building with a dome coming up on the left. Next door is the exhibition by the local spinners and weavers and they have their quality products for sale there. 

You will need a little time to check out the beautiful handiwork they have produced and there is always a lady outside sitting in the sun while she does some spinning which I am sure the children would find fascinating.

Of course the yarnbombing of the trees in the main street, Palmerin Street, is a must-see while you are visiting.

There was too much to take photos of as most of the trees in the CBD have been yarnbombed and they all tell a story.

This one was done by residents at a Blue Care facility.

A Christmas tree display and there was even a naughty or nice knitted sign there too.

I particularly liked this tree's 'jumper' which I can imagine would come in handy during Warwick's terrible frosts. I have vivid memories of riding to school on a bike on freezing mornings. No such thing as being driven to school by mum in those days!

If you live in our region and want to visit the festival it will finish on the 29th July. I am sure you won't be disappointed if you go along as there is so much to see and lots of pleasant places to stop for a cuppa. 


  1. Looks fantastic and such a great community event. Kathy

  2. Beautiful work. I especially like the little house.

  3. wow! so colourful!
    thanx for sharing

  4. Love the golf buggy! How creative people are, the things they can create with a bit of wool! Meg:)

  5. I wish I lived closer and could visit the festival. Such creative people doing what they love and bringing Warwick alive. Thanks for the great photos Chel.


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