Saturday, 10 November 2018

Coming up

As we are nearing the end of 2018 there are a number of interesting events coming up in our city. I know several people who read my blog live in Brisbane or in the region and like to visit when these craft shows are on so I thought I would let you know when they start.

 Firstly Hand Made Under the Stars will be held once again at the Cobb and Co Museum on Thursday 22nd November and goes from 4pm till 8pm. If you are a local and are into craft then don't miss this show as it is very popular.


Then Bush Christmas will be on from Wednesday 28th November till Friday 7th December and will be held as usual at 58 Neil Street Toowoomba not far from the Empire Theatre. There is a Council car park right across the road so bring a few dollar coins if you plan to park there. This exhibition supports those who live in the Outback and they make beautiful items which are showcased and sold and it is a great way to help them as things are tough for them as the drought continues despite some rain out west. There wasn't enough to break the drought and, as usual, some properties received no rain at all. Last year I arrived at the exhibition not long after it opened and there were already lots of visitors filling up baskets with what would presumably be Christmas presents for their families and friends. 

 The kitchen renovations continue. We had ordered some floor coverings which were to sit on top of what was already there but the builders took it back to the old bare boards to check whether some of them needed to be replaced as they felt like they were moving underfoot. We had had a leak behind the sink at one stage so we weren't sure if they were alright. They were okay but will be covered up again. They aren't suitable to just leave as they are which is unfortunate but it would be a tad breezy.

 I went out all day when the builders were working the last couple of days as I am finding the noise too stressful and the heatwave knocked me well and truly and I haven't felt all that wonderful since. In the above photo you can see the green colour the CEO painted the kitchen when he first bought this house. A few years later when he was painting it again I pointed him in the direction of the cream paint in the paint shop. LOL!

It has now been covered up in readiness for the cabinets. It's not really what I would choose for a kitchen as I would like to use solid old furniture but the days of doing old furniture up are gone and it was easier to go with what the cabinet maker suggested.

On Tuesday the cabinets go in and I am not sure what happens after that. Hopefully I will be able to move all the 'stuff' back into the kitchen and learn how to use the new induction stove. It has been tricky not being able to even boil an egg for the past week and we have pretty well been living on salads which was the food of choice during the heatwave anyway. 

Then the builders will start on the bathroom so that will be an adventure. We have never had tiles in the bathroom before so I will have to learn about what to clean the jolly things with etc. A family member is moving into a unit next week which is timely as we will be have somewhere to go to have a shower. I can't wait for the painter to start on the outside of the house which is badly in need of a paint job but we are still waiting for the roofing and guttering tradies to arrive. It takes time to get everything done as tradies seem to be in short supply for some reason. 

Thankfully the weather has improved as the temperature dropped by 20 degrees early Thursday morning. We went to bed in a hot house at night and it was still quite warm in the morning until I opened the door to let the tradies in and was hit with a blast of freezing air which sent me running for something warm to put on. Such extremes of weather!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 



  1. How nice to have all those events in your area, Chel. I love going to craft shows.

    I can't wait to see your new kitchen and bathroom. 😊

  2. Nil we are very fortunate to have the craft shows etc. that we do have. There is always something interesting on here. Yes, it will be interesting to see the finished kitchen and bathroom.

  3. Pity we arent a bit closer Chel. You could come and eat with us. We only have a small bathroom but you would be welcome.
    I was so glad when the cool change came through. It took a good 24 hrs but eventually the heavy humidity was swept away as well. It is still dreadfully windy but the wind has changed direction and the jelly fish have been swept away with this.
    Bluey and I are doing our own little reno project. Very small scale. We are taking out the grass in front of our fence on the veranda side of the house. Paving, using what we have up the back, will go down. The will mean that my pot plants will no longer have the grass and weeds growing up between them. I will also move some of the veranda plants out onto this area. I am the labourer and I am finding all the muscles that I didnt know I had.
    Hope you get through the renos without too much angst. Looking forward to seeing it on my next Toowoomba visit.

  4. Jane, I had to move my herbs and the pots are sitting on the ground and the weeds have grown around them. I will be pleased when the renos are finished and I can redo my herb garden near the back door. That will have to wait now till the roofing and painting tradies are finished whenever that will be as I have no idea when some of them are starting as they are so hard to get on to. I hope your muscles survive moving the plants :-)

  5. Great to see progress on your renovations Chel. I love old wooden furniture too. It sure was nice to see those hot days, pass behind! The cooler nights again, are just like spring is meant to be.

  6. Chris, it must have been much hotter down the Range. I just love this cooler weather as our house is a hot box during heatwaves.

  7. Cooler here too Chel, I was pleased to have to put a jumper on to walk Mirrhi. Shame you couldn't polish up your floor boards, that's nice timber. I have gaps in my floors, if I leave the lights on under the house there's all these little sparkles where doors and/or walls were removed long ago. It's good to see the progress on your renovations, it's a huge job, and you're so right, very stressful.

  8. Nanette, I heard it was really hot down there. Thankfully we have a reprieve this week. The aircon guys have been run off their feet apparently but I guess they will install our units eventually not that they will be used except in an extreme heatwave when I feel like I am going to die. LOL!

  9. Oh soon it will be over Chel! It is very inconvenient not having a kitchen that's for sure. Thank goodness for a hot chook and salad hey? My go to meal when its hot and I'm tired or rushed.


    1. It's nearly over, Emma. The cabinets go in tomorrow,the flooring on Thursday and then I can move things back into the kitchen. The painting will be done eventually I guess. Salads have been on the menu every day.

  10. The noise really is hard to bear during renovations, I remember from ours a few years back. It will be worth it in the end though, and it won't be long before the noise, mess and inconvenience are just a memory.

    1. The noise has been really hard to take, Sherri. Especially at 7am!!! I went to a shopping centre to relax today and the music being played there was so loud I just couldn't believe it.

  11. Your reno is coming along, Chel, and it sounds like you will be back in your kitchen again soon. I can't wait to see the "after photos". The heatwave days were horrid, I was glad of the air-con on those days and the return of more pleasant weather afterwards. MegXx


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