Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A Mug-rug Giveaway

As I mentioned in my last post, my very crafty and generous friend Judy, has offered to make a couple of mug-rugs for a giveaway on my blog. She is very talented and we both used to be the moderators of the craft forum on Rhonda's Down to Earth Forum when it was still running.

So if you would like to go into the draw for one of these lovely mug-rugs then just leave a comment below and, if you can't comment for some unknown (to me) reason, then fill out the 'Contact Me' form on the sidebar and make a comment there and please let me know why you couldn't comment so that I am aware that some people can't do that.

 I am sorry but this will only be for Australian readers due to our exorbitant postage costs that Judy insists on paying. These days we pay more money to post something for a slower service than in the past. If we want our item to be sent as fast as it used to be sent in the past, then we have to add another 50c stamp for that to happen. That is called progress I guess ;-)

Anyone is welcome to join in and these would make great Christmas presents too. 

What a job it is to clean out all the rooms for the painting and floor coverings to be done. Once the carpet was ripped up on the dining room floor all the hardwood flooring was exposed. The builder then came and screwed them down and raved on at the quality of the wood. He said you don't see that these days. Unfortunately we couldn't just polish the wood and also couldn't use the same planks that we had in the adjoining kitchen due to something or other to do with the floor so we settled for carpet which is called 'Shetland'. 

Not a good photo with all the light coming in but the carpet looks pretty good and I have a protector on it as some people, who won't be named, come inside from working outside with their shoes on plus we have the electricians turning up today as well so it is best to protect the carpet. Now to put all the furniture back and get everything back in the cupboards. When the CEO was moving our second hand computer desk it fell to pieces so now I have to go to Vinnies or Lifeline to find another one. Most of our furniture is second hand. 

This is a closeup of the carpet. 

Back to work now. I have a couple of weeks to empty the next room and after that there will only be our bedroom to do but what a job that will be. I mean where do you move a heavy queen sized bed to for five days or so as the carpet layers want a few days for the paint to dry before laying the carpet. Perhaps we will have to move it outside and sleep under the stars. LOL!

Don't forget to join in the giveaway. You have until the 31st October to do so. 


  1. Mug rugs are very pretty, Chel. I knew the giveaway was going to be only within Australia because of the high postage costs. 😊

    Too bad you couldn’t polish the hardwood floor. The carpet looks really nice though, and keep you warmer in the winter.

  2. Yes Nil, it is a shame that postage overseas is so exorbitant. The mug-rugs are lovely as you well know that Judy is very crafty.

  3. What a shame you couldn't polish the floors, the hardwood timber looks lovely. We were fortunate enough to be able to lift the carpet in our house and get them all beautifully polished - a good thing since I am the one that tramps into the house with my boots on. However, floor rugs will probably be a trip hazard as we age so carpet might be a better option in the long run. I don't envy you having to move the bed, I have resolved to never move my bed again.

  4. Yes it was a shame but I could see underneath the house through the cracks. LOL! I am not looking forward to moving that bed. Sigh! I will put you in the draw for the mug-rug by the way. You are first on the list :-)

  5. your floors look awesome, shame you couldn't polish those, good old queenslanders, built to last! must be nice feeling to have it painted & new carpets down
    looking forward to seeing the photos of finished rooms
    thanx for sharing

  6. Hi Selina. Yes the old building materials were definitely made to last unlike what is around now. I am amazed at the poor quality of some items like stainless steel sinks which scratch so easily unlike our old sink. I will put you in the mug-rug draw.

  7. I posted a parcel yesterday, Chel, and was asked if I wanted to Express post it. I declined because I no longer bother trying to get something up north to my Mum in quick time...it just doesn't make it on time anymore whereas years ago it was very reliable. It has meant I have to be more organised and it does save me money not express posting anything top. Shame about having to cover your floorboards, they definitely don't make them like that anymore! Meg:)

  8. Meg, I send of box of goodies by Bus Queensland up to my grandchildren in the NW for their birthdays and it not only arrives the next day but would cost a fraction of what the same size/weight box would cost to post. I paid for Express once too before realising there is no such thing up to NW Queensland.

  9. Hi Michelle,

    I would love to buy some of the mug rugs from Judy for Christmas, if you could put me in touch with her that would be awesome. bridget.larsen@gmail.com thank you

    1. Bridget I answered this on the forum. I will put you in the draw too.

  10. We lived in a a post war house in town, and almost every tradie we got in (even the air-con guys) all commented on the quality of the hardwood floors. They just don't make wood like that any more. But they do take a lot of work to restore, and when you're living in the house at the same time - well, it's not always practical to go that route.

    I think you meant computer "desk" that your husband broke when moving, I hope? Not your actual computer. Goodness, I hope it's not the computer! Yikes. I'm on the hunt for a second hand piece of furniture too. There's a good Vinnies on the way to Brisbane, opposite the Big Orange. They always have a good furniture range (quality) if you're up for the drive. At least they did several years ago, when I last went. Planning another trip there, soon. :)

  11. Oops Chris, yes I meant the computer desk. I will have to edit that when on the computer. I didn't know there was a Vinnies down the Range to be honest. There is a suitable desk on Gumtree but the seller isn't responding to my messages unfortunately. I will put you in the draw for the mug rug too.

  12. The mug rugs are beautiful Chel, what a lovely idea.Some people are so generous and crafty. With your cold climate in Winter, carpet is a good idea, however if it was here I would be doing my utmost to polish the wood.What a lovely large home you have.

  13. Pauline, looks can be deceiving as it is only a two bedroom home. We did without a lounge room when the children were growing up which wasn't too much of a bother as we didn't have TV then. Poor deprived children. LOL! Hopefully you will win one of the mug-rugs.

  14. I am just starting out on a similar refubishment of my weatherboard home with lovely wood floors. I hope it turns out as well as yours. Do you know the name of that beautiful rose you?

  15. Bernie, that rose is a Blue Moon. I love it. It has such a beautiful colour.

  16. I would love to go into the running for a mug rug :) they're really beautiful.

  17. Hi Anita, I will put you in the draw.


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