Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Rain for Christmas!

We have been hearing the weather forecasters say that SE Queensland would have a wet Christmas this year but I have heard forecasts about rain before and often it just bypasses us. However we have had a couple of storms move through tonight and we got a little rain. I see on the radar that heavier rain is moving east at the moment so hopefully some of our farmers will get good falls. It certainly will be an answer to prayer.

 I do hope that our neighbours down in the firezones in NSW get some downpours as well as the fires down there have been horrendous. According to this ABC article almost 1000 homes have been destroyed by fire so far but there are more in South Australia and the fires are ongoing.

Our firefighters down south won't get to spend Christmas Day with their families unfortunately but I know that locals will be doing all they can to provide them with some Christmas cheer if they can.

It will be an extra quiet Christmas here as this is the first time our son won't be here for Christmas. I am used to our daughter not being here for Christmas as they are always holidaying at this time of the year at the coast to get away from the heat of the outback in NW Queensland where the temperatures have been in the mid forties. Still there is no use being downcast so I am prepared and after a lunch with just us and my sister I will get stuck into another book I have borrowed from our city library which will be shut over the break. I like mystery stories with a twist so have been checking out a variety of authors to see if I like their style of writing. Francine Rivers is my absolute favourite and I hope she is in the process of writing another of her enthralling books.

I keep meaning to welcome all those who are now following my blog on Bloglovin. I seem to get an email almost every day saying someone else is reading it so I hope you find something interesting here although I don't seem to be doing anything very interesting lately. LOL!

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy having your family around if they are visiting. If you are getting some rain then it will probably be an extra special Christmas for you especially if you live in a regional area. I am sure that nobody in Australia will mind having a wet Christmas! If you do, then just don't say that in front of one of our farmers ;-)


  1. I hope all the rain you need comes soon, happy Christmas.,

  2. Happy Christmas to you too, Laurie.

  3. Hi Chel, Merry Christmas, hope you got some good much needed rain.
    So far so good with the weather here, hope you enjoy your break away.

    1. I hope you are enjoying yourselves, Margaret. Your plants should do okay as it has been cool. We got 14mm of rain on Christmas Eve and it looks like there was some drizzle overnight too.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your Xmas Day with your sister, Chel. We had a lovely time here and I curled up with a good book too after everyone went home. Glad you got some rain. We got rain, with a storm on Xmas Eve and then around lunchtime yesterday. Nowhere near top end of forecast of 60mm; I'd say around 15mm or so. Still, any rain is a blessing during this horrendous dry. It was wonderful to hear it trickling into our water tanks. MegXx

  5. Meg, it was fine here for Christmas Day although it was overcast. Still it was nice to get the 14mm we got on Christmas Eve. The garden is appreciative.

  6. Chel, it's lovely to hear of more people receiving rain isn't it? Mackay has received beautiful rain apparently and here in Cairns it's been wet off and on. Hope you enjoy the festive break and Happy New Year in advance. Let's hope 2020 isn't as challenging.


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