Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

At the time of writing it is Sunday the 29th December and tomorrow at this time I hope to be on my way to Townsville to spend a few days with my grandchildren while they are holidaying there. I must admit I am not looking forward to being in the Tropics in summer but it will be worth it to see the little ones and the now not so little ones. Hopefully I can schedule this post to publish on New Years Day.

 The girls have grown a lot since this holiday at Caloundra in 2015. 

They now have two brothers so my daughter is kept very busy. 

I was just looking at that green grass which I presume was at Caloundra years ago. I wonder what colour it is now and whether it is brown like ours although the 14mm of rain we had just before Christmas has worked wonders. 

I am just listening to the news on TV as I type this and it sounds like there are fires in Victoria and WA that are of concern. I hope there is no loss of life or property as we know how these fires just take off in the heat especially if it is windy. Sometimes it seems as if the whole country is on fire. Thankfully Mackay had some good rain yesterday so the locals will be rejoicing. Now we just need some good solid rain for our farmers to start getting back on their feet although it will take years for them to recover. 

I hope 2020 will be a happy and healthy one for everyone. I won't be seeing in the New Year like I never do as I don't watch the usual New Year's Eve program on TV and really dislike fireworks due to the cost but I guess I will be kept awake by the sounds of them as they go off across the road from where I am staying. I just wish the money spent on them could be given to those who have had their homes burnt down in the recent fires. I believe some have been cancelled but the capital cities still seem to be going ahead as usual. 

Stay safe in 2020!


  1. Hello

    We have been so sorry about the loss of life and
    devastation in Australia.
    Sending Love and Prayers to all those affected.

    Enjoy spending time with your Family.
    All Good Wishes for the New Year x

    1. Fiona, I hope that 2020 is a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family, Chel.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your grand children.

    1. Happy New Year, Nil. Yes, my grandchildren are keeping me on my toes. LOL!

  3. Happy New year to you and enjoy your family time. These fires give me a feeling of helplessness but my hope for this year is as a whole we will come together as a community and move to make decisions that benefit those affected now and help the future.

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Bernie. I am trying to catch up with the news of the fires down south. How incredible to think that this could happen on such a large scale but the drought is very widespread unfortunately.

  4. Happy New Year Chel. I was looking at some old photos too today and saw how green the grass was back then, maybe it will return before this year ends.

    I can't imagine how hot it will be in tropics, I hope you find a nice cool spot so you can enjoy time with your family.

  5. It is hot and muggy here but much of the time is spent in the aircon so it is not too bad. I am staying near the beach so there is always a sea breeze in the afternoon, Happy New Year.

  6. I hope you enjoy your time with the grandchildren. Happy New year

  7. Happy New Year Chel, sounds like you are going to be having some fun with your grandies. Enjoy!

    I agree about the fireworks, what a huge waste of money that would be better spent elsewhere!


  8. Nanna Chela's,
    It'd be nice to be on the coast and enjoying a bit of sea side paddle, I miss living in Caloundra for that reason. Not so much the humidity tho. I hope you are having a fab time with your grandkids and had a safe New Year! And I agree about the fireworks too, such a waste. - Shiralee.

  9. I hope you are enjoying your time in Townsville with your grandchildren, Chel. It must be lovely to see them and spend time with them. A happy way to begin the new year. I expect it's hot up there! Meg:)


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