Saturday, 27 February 2021

A Crafty Weekend

 This weekend Craft Alive 2021 is being held in Toowoomba. I imagine the fact that this show was able to go ahead this year is the envy of a lot of my overseas readers some of whom are still in lockdown. I must admit I was a bit surprised myself that it was going to be on but seeing as many sporting events have been going strong for several months and there is no community transmission of COVID-19 in Queensland the organisers were able to go ahead with their plans. 

Shelley's Land
As there is normally a long line up waiting to get in at this show I thought I would go later on in the morning when it would be quieter but there was still a line up. Presumably having to do the required QR scan and then the scanning of the online tickets etc. was the hold-up and I expected it to be very crowded inside but it wasn't at all considering there didn't seem to be any cap on numbers. The venue is quite large and it is used for university graduations each year in normal times. 

One of my favourite craft stalls was The Quilters Angel which is now an online store after closing down their shop at Highfields last year. It is so long since I have visited The Village Green that I didn't realise they weren't there anymore. They sell the most beautiful fabrics and it is worth checking out their website if you want to take a peek at what they sell. 

I just love this panel. 

Then there are pincushions....

....and lots of kits and fabric. 

Apart from the necessary coffee and food  I didn't buy anything apart from a Magnetic Seam Guide which I had never heard of before. I bought the yellow one at the bottom of the photo. I am straight line challenged so hopefully this will help me keep on the straight and narrow so to speak. 

I was quite taken by the addition of Yo Yos on the edges of this quilt and was chatting to the lady who was displaying it who was from Brother Glen Needlecraft in Kew, NSW. She said it had been made by Anne Kuzia who actually was the lady I had gone to the craft show to talk to as I bought a meshwork kit from her a few years back and needed a refresher about how to do meshwork. I couldn't find her at the show despite being on the program and it turned out she lives in Victoria and wasn't able to come to Queensland until midnight last night as she was in a hotspot area. So that was disappointing. The meshwork is done with very thin bias binding and I can't find many tutorials on YouTube. 

My friend who is an expert knitter was looking for yarn and we came across Mophead which also has an online store which seems to be common these days. Check out her website if you are interested in hand dyed and hand spun yarns etc. 

They also sell these really cute earrings and brooches. If you are into Iced Vo Vos you can wear a matching pair of earrings and brooch :-)

If anyone would like to take part there is The Great International Craft Show which holds online events anyone can access. Also The Quilters Angel is holding an online Girls Stitch In which was to be held in a hall but with the uncertainly regarding COVID restrictions it has moved to an online event. So if you would like to join in then get your skates on as it starts early in March. 

The craft show finishes tomorrow then will be in Caloundra at the end of July and in Townsville and Cairns in early August. I don't think it was as big as usual as the venue is normally really crowded. There was a lot there to interest those who are into sewing and scrapbooking but there wasn't a lot of yarn for sale. Quilters would have been in seventh heaven I am sure. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hello there... I have been reading your blog for a while as I live just outside Toowoomba and enjoy your chats... I was helping at the Quilters Angel for a bit and would have been fun to meet you (maybe we did meet without knowing)... I love your pictures and lovely regard for the shop (quite my favourite). Thanks

    1. Hi Fiona. That would have been a nice place to work. I used to go out to The Chocolate Cottage regularly but haven't been there for ages so didn't realise the quilt shop had closed down. Lots of stores seem to be online now.

  2. How wonderful to be able to go to a craft show and a shame about the person missing out by a day to come from Melbourne however all these things are necessary.

    1. Yes I was surprised it was held but it wasn't crowded at all.

  3. Love those pincushion birds. So cute.

    Can you get the COVID vaccine in your area, Chel?

  4. Nil, I haven't heard if the vaccine is here yet. It is in Brisbane though.


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