Friday, 5 March 2021

Learn to Love Zippers Workshop ~ Simple Living Toowoomba

Next Saturday on the 13th March our Simple Living Toowoomba group will be holding our second workshop of the year and this one will be so informative as it will be presented by Valda and Neralie who are excellent teachers of all things to do with sewing. You may have seen their handiwork in a blog post I wrote last year after they showed us how to make bunting and bucket hats Bunting and Bucket Hats Workshop. 

I learned to make my own clothes when I was growing up as there were no stores like Rockmans, Katies etc. around back in the 1960s and inserting zips was just something that was part of sewing but it seems these days that a lot of people are hesitant about how to actually sew in zips so this will be a great time to learn. 

The ladies have already sewn up a number of bags for the workshop and not only will they be teaching how to insert zips....

 ...but they also have a surprise demo up their sleeves as well. The last time it was how to make bucket hats which was hugely popular. Here are the details of the workshop if you live in the area and would like to come along and perhaps bring a young person who is learning how to sew:

Learn to love ZIPPERS workshop

Date:   13th March
Time:   10-12 noon
What:   Learn how to insert zippers easily and other sewing tips
Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake Street, Wilsonton, Toowoomba
Cost:    $5
RSVP:   Thursday 11th March to 

Once again we will have our giveaway/swap table. We had a lot of contributions last Saturday  so if you can bring along something next time that would be great. In order to let everyone have their pick of items we will start the swap after we are all seated and then those who have brought something along can choose what they want to take home and after that those who haven't been able to bring along something can choose. I think that worked well last time and gave everyone a chance to pick something. Once again, please check the table when leaving and take home whatever you have brought if it hasn't been taken. 

As there was a mix-up with bookings last week and, at one stage, it looked like we were nearly at our limit of 30 people, it is essential that everyone books in beforehand and I will always respond to your emails or texts to let you know that you have been booked in. If you don't hear back from me then ring or text me to make sure I have received your email. We have to adhere to COVID restrictions of having only 30 people at our workshops. Many thanks to Trish, Margaret and Judy for taking contact details, etc. 

Judy has kindly agreed to present a Rag Rug workshop on the 10th April and I am sure she would appreciate having a few helpers who have made them before as these workshops are always well attended. If you have never heard of these rugs check out the very first time we were taught how to do them back in 2013 Rag Rugs.

Until restrictions concerning the serving of food are lifted we won't be having morning tea or any food workshops. 

My pineapple continues to grow and there is a bit of yellow appearing now....

....what a long process though. LOL!

I bought some organically grown tomatoes at the Farmers' Market several months back and kept the seeds to plant out and was very happy to find that lots of them had grown. Now however they are covered in green vegetable bugs and I have to throw them out. I don't put them into the compost though of course. I thought the fruit fly had attacked them but not so it appears. I had one volunteer plant that grew all through winter and I used to pick the tomatoes and ripen them on a sunny windowsill and they were quite delicious and didn't succumb to any disease so I may not try to grow them again in summer with all the bugs around. I will just buy them from the Farmers' Market and be lazy. 

Much of the recent rainfall has avoided us but it was good to see that some of the farmers out west had good downfalls even though it was patchy and some missed out. The 'wetter than usual summer' didn't eventuate here in our little corner of the world unfortunately. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Those dastardly green bugs - how dare they ruin your tomatoes! Your pineapple is really growing beautifully. I adore the fabrics used in those zipper bags. Such a nice group you have there. Sounds like fun. We'll see if my post goes thru--Mary in San Diego

  2. We did a similar workshop at our Quilting group. We made a cosmetic bag that was lined with bag wadding and had a zipper. This was in response to some of the ladies, who make quilts that are works of art, not knowing how to make a buttonhole or how to sew in a zip. I may not make work of art quilts but I do know how to put in a zipper, both in clothing and as a bag insert and how to make buttonholes.
    We have gotten so little rain that out lawn, which gets some watering, is now brown and crunchy in the middle and only green around the edges of the vegie garden. I dont grow tomatoes over summer as the pests are just too prolific. I currently have some tomato seedlings in and growing well. I hope I've got the timing right and we will be having fruit mid to the end of April. More seeds are going in now as autumn seems to be our best growing/harvesting time.
    That pineapple is going to be amazing as long as the possums dont get in and taste test it before you harvest it.

    1. Jane our front lawn is brown now 😏 The young chap up the road has bagged his pineapples so I might do that when mine gets more ripe. It is a long process 🙄

  3. Workshops are always fun to spend time with people doing something you enjoy. Have a good week.

  4. Chel I would be at this workshop if I lived in Toowoomba. Zips are not an area I am confident in. We haven't had much luck with tomatoes over the last 12 months, had given up on growing them, and then a couple of volunteers have popped up and are looking healthy so fingers crossed. There are too many bugs here for much planting during Summer.The weather is cooling down so I feel my gardening mojo returning. HOpe you are well.Hows your hubby?

    1. Pauline, not sure when he is going to have surgery as there have been a few hiccups.


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