Monday, 9 September 2013

Travel tissue cover

At one of our Simple Living Toowoomba group's swaps this year, Margy made some tissue covers out of old jeans.  I know that lots of people now use hankies but there are times when these purse tissues would come in handy, especially when travelling.

Margy got the idea from here. They looked easy enough to make so I thought I'd have a go at making some.

Firstly pick out two cotton fabrics or recycle some old jeans if you like.

For the outside fabric cut out a rectangle measuring 5 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches (sorry, my brain still thinks in inches).

Cut a second rectangle measuring 5 1/2 inches  x 7 1/2 inches for the lining. Please note that this fabric will be seen on the edges of the opening so choose a fabric that looks good with what you have chosen for the outside.

 Then pin the fabrics right side together.

Sew a 1/4 inch seam down both the 5 1/2 inch sides. You will notice that it won't sit flat as the lining fabric is larger than the outside fabric. Turn the fabric right sides out and iron and you should have 1/4 inch of the lining fabric showing at the sides.

After getting this far, I noticed that my cover didn't have 1/4 inch of the lining fabric showing....more like 1/8 inch. I am straight line challenged so just thought I must have made a mistake when sewing the seam but when I was typing out the measurements just now I realised that I had measured 7 inches instead of 7 1/2 inches! Duh! Anyway, let's press on.....

Now fold the edges into the centre. You should be looking at the lining fabric. Stitch a seam along both short ends. Then turn the cover inside out.

Take the wrapper off some purse sized tissues and insert them into the cover and you have a nice tissue cover to carry in your bag next time you travel.
If you cut out the two rectangles using the correct measurements given by Fiona on Two Brown Birds
your finished product should look like Margy's tissue cover featured above.  
Don't you love quick and easy sewing projects?









  1. I love these! I actually made a huge number several Christmases ago and popped them into parcels as a little extra. I think I used a pattern that was in Handmade, or a similar magazine.
    Have replied to your query via DTE :)

  2. I was thinking they would be good for Christmas presents. We don't have family around at Christmas apart from my sister so it isn't a big gift giving time for us but for those who have big families they would be great.

    1. These are delightful little gifts. Thank-you for sharing. I have enjoyed you blog for awhile now. From the upside of the world, Canada!

    2. Nice to hear from you. I love Canada and travelled to Alberta in the 1970s and I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I am glad you enjoy my fledgling blog. It is a learning curve putting it all together! LOL!

  3. Oh they are v v cute. I keep threatening to dust off the sewing machine lol. something like this would be nice to get me started. thanks for posting!

    1. Go on Elablue! Dust off that sewing machine and get going. It's not that long till Christmas and imagine how many tissue covers you will have time to sew by then :-)

  4. My mom never leaves home without the purse tissues. These covers will be so handy for her!

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter:

  5. Thanks for visiting, Trishie. I am sure your mum will love the tissue covers.

  6. Oh these are cute - good pictures and directions!

  7. They are cute, Kathy. Unfortunately I cut my cover out and left off 1/2 inch off one end and I thought it looked a bit different from Margy's. Thankfully I had a couple of photos of Margy's to use plus I did bring one of hers home from our swap. Using the denim makes the cover a bit thicker which I like.


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