Saturday, 4 May 2019

A Drizzly Weekend

It has been a drizzly day today. Unfortunately the Lost Trades Fair is on and the drizzle would make it uncomfortable for those who are attending but tomorrow is forecast to be a sunny Sunday so those who have tickets to go tomorrow should have a great day. I didn't brave the crowds today as I went the first year it was held here and it certainly is interesting seeing chairs, buckets etc. being made the old fashioned way.

I just wish we could get really decent rain so that our farmers might get some relief from the drought. However here in town the plants are loving the light rain (as are the weeds) and flowers and bulbs are appearing everywhere. Our watersaver garden is suddenly full of rocket and spinach which have sprung up without any help from me as I haven't planted anything much recently as it has been so dry. Plus with only two of us to feed most of the time now we don't need a large veggie garden.

 I buy myself a chrysanthemum for Mother's Day each year and I am wondering what colour to buy this year. I have a yellow....

 ...a pink one with small flowers...

...a stunning red... orange...

 ...and a deeper pink one. Hmmm, I wonder what colours are available this year.

The Queen Elizabeth rose has been cheering up my kitchen for a week or so now as the blooms last so much longer than other roses for some reason. Unfortunately I don't get many roses from this particular bush and I found one flower with a grub of some sort inside so I guess that might be the reason why. 

This particular rose looks so beautiful in a vase with Esmeralda (in the middle), the red Oklahoma and the mauve Blue Moon. It is a much larger rose than the rest of them. I have all these growing in pots and am wondering if I would get more roses if I planted them in the ground. As I have mentioned before I know practically zilch about growing roses so one day I might call into the Queensland State Rose Garden not far from here and talk to the gardeners and they might give me some insight.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Don't forget to book in if you live in the region and want to come to our Simple Living Toowoomba Kokedama and Plant Propagation Workshop next weekend on the 11th May from 10am-12pm. You can have a cuppa before we start so do come along if you are interested. 


  1. It's definitely fined up, today (Sunday). I've got to go out and hang up my towels! Love all your flowers, especially the chrysanthemums. I used to have the hot pink one, growing here. But it died in a particular dry spell. Still have wonderful memories of it though, brightening up our garden. Such happy blooms!

    1. Yes it is a lovely day today after the drizzle yesterday. A good time to check out the garden and warm up in the sun.

  2. Your chrysanthemums are so beautiful Chel. So many vibrant colors. Do you have them in white? May be purple? Well I'm not sure they come in purple... I don't know much about chrysanthemum :)

  3. Nil, I did have a white one but it must have died. I will check out the garden department and see what they are selling for Mother's Day next Sunday.

  4. I was at the folks in Buderim yesterday where is rained all day. This morning was cool and damp. I have driven home and here it is sunny and warm. I think the grass has grown 5cm since last week. It really needs a mow and soon. I would have loved to have gone to the lost trades fair. Mind you I would not have gone in the rain.

  5. Jane, you really will have to plan a Toowoomba visit when the Fair is on. Bluey would love it too as there is a lot of blokey stuff there. It has been really cold here today. A bit of a shock to the system.

  6. I love that you buy yourself a 'mum every year, and have double the pleasure as you decide what colour to get. Can't wait to see what you choose. We had that rain band dump heavy rain for a few days too, and I was pretty pleazed as I'd just got beans, greens and brassicas in the ground....

  7. Nanette, well I may as well pick a colour I like. LOL! I must check out the nursery soon before they all get sold. Glad you got some rain.

  8. What a lovely range of gorgeous colours you have with your chrysanthemums. I don't have any in my garden, looking at your display I reckon I should think about changing that. Your Queen Elizabeth rose is just gorgeous. I too am trying to learn roses (so I don't kill the ones I inherited).

  9. The chrysanthemums are really easy to grow so do buy yourself some. I still have a lot to learn about growing roses successfully though.

  10. I love photographing flowers too. At this time of year they're so hard to resist, because everything in nature is fresh and joyfull now!

    Happy spring!

  11. Hmmm, I did reply to your comment before but now I notice that it didn't get published. Strange! We are heading into winter and you are heading into spring by the sounds of it. We can grow quite a few plants during winter here in Australia as our summers are so hot that the plants tend to the rest of us :-)


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